Mail Call

October 14, 2003

"I just received my evening paper. I am so disgusted. What in the world is going on? The School Board gives the schools superintendent a raise, then they come along and say they need money? Look at what they are doing, they are giving pay raises and they keep giving Elizabeth Morgan more money. They have money, they need to slice off some of that money. The same way with Allegheny, they aren't in the red, or they wouldn't be giving out the money they are giving. So come on people, read the words, understand what those words say. They are not short of money."

"Would you please put the recipe for the bread pudding back in? I forgot to cut it out the other day."

"I am reading in the paper where they are saying that the hospital would be too expensive to be put at Robinwood. I would rather it be out there around Robinwood, then that way you can get everything done at once. If they are paying the lawyers so much an hour, $200 to $250 an hour, why can't they do without the lawyers, that would save a lot of money. In town here, you can't ever find a parking space, you don't have to walk up that hill. I wish they would reconsider and do away with all these high priced lawyers and put that money toward putting the hospital at Robinwood."


"I was absolutely appalled by the headlines about Allegheny Energy CEO getting a $6.3 million bonus and a salary of $900,000 a year. That is nearly another million dollars. No man is worth that kind of money. No wonder our electric bill is so sky high. That is outrageous."

"How can the school board be short of money in one page of the paper and you turn to another page and the superintendent of schools is getting another raise? She is already getting $120,000 a year. That is well above the average money that you need to live in Washington County. She needs to set a good example and turn down some of the raises and give back some of the money she makes, and give it to the schools."

"To the person responding to the request for the 1948 Hagerstown High School Yearbook, please call 301-797-7838."

"For the caller who was inquiring of any organizations that uses old cell phones. Boonsboro's PTA recycles old cell phones. Bring your old cell phone to Boonsboro Middle School. There is a box in the front office for the PTA to recycle."

"I also graduated in 1948 and I would love to have one of your extra yearbooks. My number is 301-797-8874."

"In response to your question about old cell phones. I just read an article that says that CASA uses old cell phones to give to their victims of domestic violence. So you might want to check with them."

"Just wanted to tell you that the lady bugs are back in full force."

"How could the superintendent of schools speak in front of a group of businessmen pleading for bond money knowing she had just received a pay raise and all the schools have children peddling candy to provide funds for supplies? There is something very wrong with this situation."

"Councilwoman Nigh will help anyone who crosses her path and seems to be in need. She is particularly interested in becoming involved in the problems faced by the residents of Hagerstown and especially those who have cared enough to get out in vote. But anyone who shows up and needs her help, they are going to get it."

"I was reading in Mail Call where some people are saying that trick-or-treat in Hagerstown is on Thursday night and some say Friday night. I was wondering if someone could tell me what night it really is?"

"Am I the only parent in Washington County that finds it absurd that the Board of Education charges a fee for students to use their own school's gym for their sporting event practices. From what I understand, it is $5 per hour for these practices. Could someone tell me what this fee could possibly cover? I am very curious."

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