The governor has got Syd's number

October 10, 2003|by BIG SYD

Many fans have tried to look me up in the phone book over the years, but to no avail.

Of course, I have to keep an unlisted phone number. A man of my celebrity (I rank right up there with Lou Scally in this area) has to have his privacy.

A few people have access to the number, but most of them will be filtered out when the 'Do Not Call' list goes into effect.

For emergencies, however, I do have my hotline. I thought only two people had that number - my mother and my bookie ... er, a friend.


So imagine my surprise the other day when that phone starting flashing red - just like the phone in Commissioner Gordon's office used to do.

Now imagine my greater surprise when I answered the phone and found I was talking to Md. Gov. Robert Ehrlich.

"I've got a job that will allow you to serve the citizens of Maryland in a bigger capacity that you can imagine," the governor said.

It seems Mrs. Governor shot her mouth off and said if she had the opportunity to shoot Britney Spears, she would.

Oops, she did it again.

I couldn't believe my ears. "Hit me, Bobby, one more time with that." I wanted to make sure I heard him correctly.

He did and I had. And now I'm being called on to run security for the first lady of Maryland.

I declined the offer, of course. I've got too much on my plate right now. You know, burgers and fries, nachos and cheese, franks and beans.

These phone calls drive me crazy. I just can't sleep.

I no sooner hung up on Gov. Ehrlich that the phone flashed again.

"Syd, diss is Ahhnold. I've got ah favah to ahsk."

Jeez, now I'll have to put the hotline phone number on the 'Do Not Call' list. This guy just never knows when enough is enough.

On with the predictions. Last week 15-7 (.682), season 101-32 (.759),


Catoctin 36, Boonsboro 12: Cougars take the fight out of the Warriors.

Hancock 22, Westmar 6: Westmar comes east but their season continues south.

North Hagerstown 41, Brunswick 21: The Railroaders do have an interesting way of spiking the ball, however.

Frankfort 20, South Hagerstown 10: Frankly, the Rebels have hit the wall.

Linganore 36, Frederick 23: Lancers tell Cadets to go jump in a lake.

South Carroll 27, Middletown 16: Knights give a Cavalier effort, but come up short.

Liberty 18, Thomas Johnson 7: The Patriots mourn another loss on the football field.

Walkersville 49, Winters Mill 8: Lions won't shut out Winters Mill. The Falcons will manage a snowman.

Moorefield 42, Berkeley Springs 27: You'd think Rockwell could get open with more field, but the Yellow Jackets defense will swarm him.

Fort Hill 38, Jefferson 13: Cougars are climbing, but this Hill is too steep.

Martinsburg 42, Hampshire 17: Bulldogs won't be sucked in by Trojans' horseplay.

Keyser 31, Musselman 17: Keyser rolls, smashes Applemen's playoff chances.

Bishop McDevitt 36, Chambersburg 6: McDevitt makes bid to become Cardinal with victory.

Greencastle 31, Waynesboro 19: Blue Devils have no reservations over winning this one.

Trinity 40, James Buchanan 7: Rockets want a win, but they won't singe the Shamrocks.


Smithsburg 28, Williamsport 12: The Leopards have nerves of steel, man.

St. John's-PH 34, St. James 6: The only way St. James comes out on top here is alphabetically.

Mercersburg Academy 16, Hill School 7: Blue skies ahead for the Blue Storm.


Maryland 47, Duke 17: The Blue Devils are the Duke of 'L' in football.

West Virginia 34, Rutgers 14: Rutgers can't move Mountaineers.

Purdue 23, Penn State 16: Paterno is left boiling over once again.


Ravens 31, Cardinals 13: Yeah, like a Cardinal has a shot against a Raven.

Buccaneers 24, Redskins 16: Bucs come back after being Sapped by Indy.

Eagles 21, Cowboys 17: Eagles snack on a little Tuna.

Broncos 38, Steelers 20: You're Plum-mer crazy if you think Pittsburgh will win.

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