Mail call

October 09, 2003

"President Bush is a threat to the United States and he has weapons of mass destruction."

"I want the new hospital to be located adjacent to the Robinwood Medical Center so I can have the best medical care possible for my family and I."

"There are several cats running loose near Salem Avenue School, in the Salem Avenue-Delaware Lane area. They are digging up my flower beds and doing other damage. If these are your cats, one is gray and white and the other one is a torteshell. Keep them inside, or I will take them to the SPCA."

"Why are hundreds of truck loads of dirt being hauled for months down Sharpsburg Pike to a site off Bakersfield Road? Should we know of a sink hole being filled in the neighborhood?"


"Where is the liquid for the bread pudding?"

"I find it interesting to watch the Dr. Phil Weight Control Program on TV. I was wondering if anyone out there is watching it also? I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with someone else."

"I lost a cat on the corner of North Mulberry and Pangborn. It is an orange and white cat. If you find it, call 301-745-3931. There is a $100 reward."

"I was wondering if someone could give me the phone number for the EPA. I called the number that is in my phone directory and they said it is no longer in service."

"Does anyone know an organization that uses old cell phones?"

"I am calling about the person who is looking for a 1948 Hagerstown High School yearbook. I have several of them that I have acquired over the years from auctions. I would be willing to give you one, if you would leave your number in Mail Call."

"To the person who wanted the know the legal age to leave a child at home alone in Maryland. I understand it is 13. If you are interested in a great child care, try the YMCA. They have a wonderful before and after school program. My child is in it and they just love it."

"To the bread pudding recipe in Mail Call, add a half cup of dried fruit mix, it will add to the flavor."

"I just read the editorial suggesting that the city of Hagers-town hire a lobbyist to assure money for the University of Maryland Project downtown. I say hogwash. It's time to hold elected representative John Donoghue's feet to the fire and have him assure the success of that project. We can't spend any more of taxpayers' money to assure something that our elected officials should be taking care of for us."

"In response to the question in the paper about where is there an Eckerd's store. There is one in Waynesboro, Pa., up from Martin's in that little shopping center where Ames used to be, about half way up."

"What is Bester Elementary, a school house or a dog house? Come on, get real."

"I have a fifth-grader at Western Heights and I can't seem to get the lunch menus. Can someone tell me when they are published in the paper for Washington County? Let me know."

"Sometimes I find that I am sort of breaking rules that would make me an aggressive driver, but I am wondering, why do so many young girls want to tailgate you and pass you. It seems like they just want to run right over you. How come?"

"A new hospital, that is all Mr. Hamil cares about, never mind that he keeps cutting the employee benefits. It is one of the worst places to work for anymore."

"So Hagerstown has paid $10,000 for another study that says exactly what other studies have already said. Yet, they don't have money to improve the stadium. Isn't that just like this town, repeating the same old mistakes."

"Brian Robinson did a very nice job on organizing the dedication ceremony and he is also in the Each One Teach One organization. It's so nice to see someone at a young age trying to do something positive for the community. Keep up the good work, we love you."

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