Timeline for impact fees mulled by Jefferson Co. board

October 08, 2003|by DAVE McMILLION

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - A timeline for the adoption of impact fees to help relieve overcrowding in Jefferson County Schools was debated by Jefferson County Board of Education members Tuesday night.

The issue arose while Board of Education member Cheryl Huff was briefing board members about a political action committee that has been created to push for passage of a proposed $19 million bond issue that will be put before voters on May 11.

The bond is one of several sources of revenue the board of education is seeking to help build new schools in the county.


Impact fees, which are fees collected by developers to help pay for schools, are another source of funding.

Although Jefferson County Commission members have agreed to a tentative plan for possible implementation of impact fees, Huff said it is important to keep pressure on the commissioners to move forward on the fees.

Huff suggested that people "go to county commission meetings (and) keep leaning on them."

Board of Education member Paul Manzuk questioned why there has been a push to pass impact fees before the school bond election.

Huff said county residents she has talked to have said they will not vote for the bond issue unless impact fees are passed.

Manzuk said he also is concerned about people being misled into thinking that impact fees will be used to pay for a second high school in the county.

The Board of Education is seeking state funding, grant money, impact fees and the proposed bond to build enough new schools to meet the county's growing student population.

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