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Mail Call

October 07, 2003

"The people who drive the SUVs, you need to look over the dashboard. You aren't looking, especially when you are coming into Wal-Mart. You need to be looking around for people walking. The other day, I nearly got hit by two different people in SUVs when they were turning the corner. There are all different sizes and ages of people walking around that shopping center. It's very dangerous. You are going to hit someone one of these days. Plus you need to slow down, it's not a speedway."

"As a professional living in this area, I find it outrageous that people are complaining about the dogs at schools. Dogs are great companions, fantastic teaching aides and they have the ability to calm people. I don't understand why those dogs would not be allowed at the school. This is just the minority affecting the majority."

"I hope they keep the hospital where it is. It's easy to get to. No matter which way you go to Robinwood, the traffic is bad. No matter what time it is, the traffic is heavy and you can't get there on time."


"I think someone needs to tell the people who collect the money at the North-South game, that anyone that has a badge from the Board of Education or works for them, gets in for free because they are still charging the ones that work for the Board of Education."

"Who can tell me what the legal age for leaving a child at home alone is in Maryland?"

"I am interested in acquiring a copy of the Hagerstown High School yearbook for 1948. If anyone has a copy available to either sell or give away, call Mail Call and leave your name and number."

"Does anyone have a recipe for Belgian waffles?"

"If you read with great interest of the stuff that comes home from school and look at the school calendar, you would notice that there is no school on Friday, Oct. 31, on Halloween, schools are closed. So there should be no problem with the kids trick-or-treating this year."

"I have been receiving fliers in the mail for weeks now for a store called Eckerds. I have never seen any store called that. Where is this store located?"

"There is a great big picture in Wednesday's paper of a South High volleyball player in action. But it appears that the team's uniform shorts don't meet the new dress code instituted by the county."

"To the gentleman who refers to himself as a former good man/nice guy, who refers to women as 'hey baby' or 'yo,' you are the reason why we ignore so-called men like you."

"Since everyone likes my bread pudding, I thought I would give you mine. Four cups of torn-up bread, three or four eggs -I usually don't measure, so I am just guessing or more if it's still thick looking - a cup of sugar, raisins, cinnamon. Spray the pan, put it in the oven on 375 degrees for about 45 minutes."

"When is the South High School Class of 1968 reunion?"

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