Letters to the editor - Part 1

October 05, 2003

Relay was a success

To the editor:

The American Cancer Society's 1st Relay for Life was held on June 27-28, at the Scotland School for Veterans' Children. The goal for this event was to raise $25,000 for cancer research and patient/family assistance programs sponsored by the ACS for Franklin County. The event raised over $44,000.

As public relations/publicity chairperson for this Relay; and on behalf of the Organizational Committee and the ACS, a heartfelt thank you goes out to all who helped make the 1st Chambersburg RFL an overwhelming success.

Clearly, Scotland School for Veterans' Children provided a beautiful site for the relay. Ambiguously, the administration and staff of SSVC donated much time and effort to assist in the planning and setup, which occurred for months before the first laps were ever taken.


Our Corporate Sponsors - Sprint, Employees of Nitterhouse, Summit Cancer Services, Scotland Community Association and Strickler Agency - were joined in their support by dozens of "Service & In-Kind Sponsors," as well as, local newspapers, and radio/TV stations, which donated print space/air time.

Our team captains/members walked that "extra mile" on a track well lighted by the 350-plus lumenaires, which were purchased by friends and family of cancer victims/patients.

The committee would like to thank everyone who participated in the Relay. We enjoyed meeting all of you, and hope to see you back again, June 25-26, 2004.

If you were unable to attend please think about joining us next year.

Mary Lou Sheeley
Chambersburg, Pa.

Take a page from James

To the editor:

There's a great lesson to be learned from the book of James, my favorite book. James was a person who knew what he stood for, and stood for what he believed.

The biblical book of James comes across to many as being harsh, but in truth it's a book of love. James was leader, as the apostle Paul said, "a pillar in the church." He was also the brother of our Lord Jesus Christ. As a leader that loved his congregation, he had to tell them the truth, even if it was not what they wanted to hear.

He knew what love really was. True love is being able to tell the ones you love what they do not want to hear, but need to. A true man or woman of God stands for the truth, no matter what happens.

He or she never backs down from the truth found in God's word. We must never be afraid to speak the truth, even when it might offend or anger someone.

John the Baptist was willing to give his life for truth. He once told Herod Agrippa, a king, how sinful he had become because he was sleeping with his brother's wife.

You could say John was being judgmental, rude, or impolite. But John knew it was his duty to speak out against sin. He was killed because he spoke out against sin, rather then simply looking the other way.

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore challenges us to stand for what's right. Few are willing to take this kind of stand, and many readers would agree that our society has suffered for it. He was willing to sacrifice everything for the truth. I challenge you to think upon this; does a real friend only tell you what you want to hear, or does a real friend tell you what you need to hear? Think and pray upon this my friends. Christ said, "you are either for me or against me."

Our church needs strong Christians that will stand for God's truth, not in self-righteousness, but to "speak the truth in love." It always amazes me how some people can call themselves "Christian," yet speak the truth and ways of mankind, not God.

I challenge you to walk "the narrow path" of truth that leads to real freedom. If you want to help a sick person, you must first diagnose the problem. The first step for a substance abuser, in overcoming their addiction, is to admit they have a problem.

What will happen to our world, when no one is willing to admit we have a problem? Who will heal the sick, if no one tells them about the doctor who can heal and save them? What happens when are country abandons the foundations of our legal system.? I pray for my children's future.

Jason Kelley

Government not to blame

To the editor:

This is a hard question to answer. I believe there are things that still scare me about the enemies' capabilities to harm our great nation.

However, what really are frightening are our own people blaming our government for doing too much. I am willing to have big brother watch over me if it means that over 3,000 of our fellow country men and women do not die.

I am willing to support President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft in their fight to win this war. People, this is World War III not some police action like Bosnia or even Vietnam. This is the real deal and if you are not prepared to make the sacrifices, then we are doomed!

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