Mail Call

October 04, 2003|by

"About the dogs at Bester, get over it. There are more issues to worry about instead of these dogs."

"I am the lady who called in about my lost earring. I found it and I enjoy your column a lot."

"I think the city of Hagerstown should take serious consideration before building a new parking deck. We have one that isn't being used now. That money should be spent on hiring more police."

"Got a call last night from the police organization and I am very disappointed because it sounded like a telemarketer. I am on the do not call list and shouldn't' be getting any calls. What is going on with that? How are they getting my name and number?"


"Once again a Hagerstown/Washington County official puts their foot in their mouth. Mr. Munson's comments about the County Commuter, specifically regarding people with disabilities are obnoxious. First all, they are disabled people, they aren't disabled, they are people with disabilities. He also comments about them being given tickets to ride taxis. What about people who are in motorized wheelchairs, that can't be folded down? The County Commuter has the ride on lift that can handle these types of wheelchairs, taxi cabs don't. Once again, Mr. Munson makes a bad comment. Mr. Munson needs some education about disabilities."

"I can't believe that someone didn't have anything to do but complain about those dogs at Bester. Bonnie and Clyde wouldn't hurt anyone and it was nice to see how the kids reacted with them every day."

"When is the 1988 Class of North Hagerstown High School going to have their 15-year reunion. My number is 301-766-0721."

"As a student at the Hagerstown Community College, putting the hospital out by Robinwood would just make the traffic worse than what it already is."

"I am in a nursing home and I think a good place for a new hospital would be between I-81 and U.S. 11. You would have accessible roads all the time."

"For the person wanting a gas station at the Garland Groh Boulevard shopping center area. I understand that you will have your wish real soon."

"Between the end of Salem Avenue and Interstate 81, there is a real dangerous area of roadway. Two lanes going out of town and two lanes coming in town. About 3 p.m. when the kids are walking home from school, someone is going to get hit. The drivers are speeding and ignoring the children walking home along the curb because there is no sidewalk there for the children to walk on."

"If you don't like something you see in the paper, turn the page or don't read it all. Stop calling Mail Call and complaining all the time."

"I have been reading about this homeless shelter in Hagerstown. I have a suggestion. Lease or buy the old Sears building at Long Meadow Shopping Center. Put it out there, that should be far enough away from the library."

"I lost an envelope that contained very old photos of my parents and grandparents at either CVS on Wilson Boulevard or Food Lion on Virginia Avenue. I am very upset about the loss of those photos. My parents died when I was very young. I wanted to copy them for my children and grandchildren. So if you found these pictures, call me at 301-739-0232. I will give a reward for their return."

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