Speed to be lower through housing complex

October 04, 2003|by RICHARD F. BELISLE

The Waynesboro Borough Council this week voted to install 25 mph speed limit signs on Hawbaker Avenue, even before the members were handed a 200-name petition requesting the action.

Residents of Hawbaker Avenue, a 60-unit housing complex owned by the Franklin County Housing Authority on Hawbaker Avenue, said they want speed reduction signs in their neighborhood.

There are no signs regulating speed. One sign at each end of the street warns of children at play.

Three members of the Hawbaker Avenue Tenants' Association came before the council this week to present the petition. They asked for signs limiting speed on Hawbaker Avenue, which runs off Mount Airy Avenue, to 15 mph.


Beth Pepple, association president, said 117 children live in the complex. She said drivers speed through Hawbaker Avenue, a winding, hilly road with limited sight distance.

"There's no speed limit there now," she said.

The tenants' association and the Franklin County Housing Authority have tried unsuccessfully in the past to get the borough to lower the speed limit. Borough officials said it couldn't be done because Hawbaker Avenue is a through street, one of the association members said.

Borough Manager Lloyd Hamberger said the borough can set 25 mph and 35 mph speed limits on its own streets but the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation requires a traffic study before a speed limit of 15 mph can be set, even on a borough street.

Hawbaker Avenue, which runs through the middle of the housing complex, is a borough street.

The state established the rule to prevent boroughs from setting up speed traps, Councilman Allen Porter said.

The council voted to install the 25 mph signs. At the same time they asked Kevin Grubbs, assistant director of engineering, to make arrangements to conduct a traffic study, after which the speed limit would be lowered to 15 mph if PennDOT approves.

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