Commuting the county keeps one bus-y

October 03, 2003|by BIG SYD

I had myself an adventure last week.

With the double-shocked SSM (Super Syd Mobile) in the shop for some minor maintenance work, I was looking to get off the campus of Sydland for a quick spin around town to clear my head.

You may not know this, but picking these football games really drains you. Those wimps at The Herald-Mail have writer's block. I get picker's cramps in my coin-flipping thumb. It's painful and disables me from work. It makes me look like I'm hitchhiking all the time.

So, there I was, standing in front of my Dargan estate, with my thumb sticking out, and up pulls a County Commuter bus.


I said "What the heck". It was the Dargan to Keedysville to Cavetown to Clear Spring to Big Pool route. That should give me enough time to clear my head.

I've heard all the noise about how the County Commuter should be discontinued, but I don't see why. After all, this is one organization that knows when it has a celebrity in its midst.

I had the whole bus to myself.

I thought "Hey, John Madden has one of these things at his disposal."

Let's see, I could put the jerky and turkey buffet over there, my collection of "Kate Smith: The Slender Years" albums over there ... hot tub there and still have room to mount the dish to control 25 TVs on the back ....

'Nuff daydreaming. This was to clear my head, not my house.

So here we are, driving the highways and byways of Washington County, just me and my personal driver. It was amazing how there wasn't anyone looking to get on the bus as we trekked up South Mountain and along the Appy Trail.

Suddenly, we made that huge turn around and started to the north end. Soon, it became apparent we weren't going to stay on schedule.

Here we were, smack in the middle of the weekly Hooray for the Hubs parade. There were bands and mimes and pit bulls doing tricks in celebration of the Hubs' tremendous 4-0 start.

People were screaming from the tops of buildings to anyone who'd listen about the Hubs and their undefeated record and how no one was paying attention.

It was amazing how five or six people could snarl the traffic for everyone. I do say, though, the heart attack crash cart was a nice touch for those who fainted in disbelief over the whole chain of events. There was even a yard sale.

Once we battled through the ruckus, we finished the scenic route. We didn't stay long in Big Pool, though. ... No lifeguards.

On with the predictions. Last week 19-3 (.864), season 86-25 (.775).


Berkeley Springs 34, Hancock 19: Panthers find themselves between a Rockwell and a hard place.

St. Vincent Pallotti 41, St. James 8: Just because that Pallotti guy is such a great opera singer, that should be worth ten-or 12 points.

Middletown 27, Smithsburg 14: Knights see the light and joust-le the Leopards.

South Hagerstown 38, Catoctin 33: Good thing Rebel football games are rated so Miners can get in.

Brunswick 35, Williamsport 20: Wildcats see light at the end of tunnel ... it's the Railroaders.

St. John's at Prospect Hall 44, Baltimore Lutheran 13: Vikings have a horse in my friend, Ricca.

Fort Hill 33, Hedgesville 7: Sentinels won't have to stand guard in front of the goal line.

Jefferson 23, Musselman 20: Applemen in for a nip-and-Tucker battle.

Martinsburg 48, Hammond 12: Hammond eggs on 'Dogs, but they break fast because they are organ-ized.

Chambersburg 28, Cedar Cliff 13: Trojans defense will have a nose for Cedar Cliff.

East Pennsboro 24, Greencastle 15: Pencil in Pennsboro, no matter what direction it comes from.

Biglerville 34, James Buchanan 21: Rockets look like Custer in the battle of Little Biglerville.

Big Spring 30, Waynesboro 12: Indians won't have any recoil-ection of Big Spring.


Walkersville 27, Frederick 16: Lions don't roar, they just Grau.

Blair 37, Mercersburg 23: Bare facts - Dare I say, Blair has the flair to fare well in this affair, if you care.

North Hagerstown 38, Boonsboro 13: Hubs roll pays off on Warriors as they whomp-um.

Westminster 17, Thomas Johnson 13: Owls show Pats Whoooo's Whooo.


Maryland 28, Clemson 20: Maryland's win is open to in-Terp-retation.

Wisconsin 34, Penn State 23: Nittany Lions' hopes are puritan against the Red Badgers of Courage.

Fairmont State 30, Shepherd 21: Falcons come on like a Lynch mob and won't Cater to the Rams.


Eagles 24, Redskins 20: This one is a real Rush for McNabb.

Steelers 31, Browns 13: Steelers redecorate the AFC North by reupholstering Couch.

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