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October 01, 2003|by

"I am calling in response to something I have been reading in the paper. I can't believe what I read about the dogs at Bester. I can't believe that the school backed down on this because everyone knows what benefit a pet has to the young and elderly. I know that there has been numerous studies done on how it has a common effect, especially with students who have ADD, just having a pet around. So just seeing those dogs in the school every day didn't harm anything. I want to applaud the principal at Bester for her professionalism during this whole thing. I don't see where there was an issue and neither did the health department. I think the dogs should be allowed and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea for the other schools. Even as an award, for example, the principal said that the kids could take the dogs out if they did well on something. That is called creativeness, that is called thinking out of the box. The principal should be commended for that kind of act."


"I have been trying to convince everyone how childish and how dumb people in this area can be. Just read Mail Call and you will know what I am talking about. Someone is whining because of the little dogs Bonnie and Clyde being in school and why can't their child take their pet to school. Get a life and try to help people instead of trying to knock them down all the time. You find fault with everything. I hope the whole world isn't like this, but I suspect it is."

"I would like to make a complaint. To all the people who come to fast-food restaurants, please don't ask the cashiers at the window to throw away your trash because that is very rude and we are not garbage men."

"I have a question, where are all the good men out there? How come when you do see a decent man on the street, he just looks you in your face and doesn't say anything. When will men realize that it's better to say 'Hi, my name is Mike, what's your name' or 'where are you from' instead of 'hey baby, or 'yo?' Why can't men be more pleasant?"

"I am calling on behalf of the Williamettes Majorette Corps, you kids have done a great job this year. Good luck on our championship on Saturdays. We are having a money bonanza on Oct. 3, to benefit the kids' banquet this year. For ticket information, call 301-739-1617. Come out, have fun and support the kids. Keep up the good work, kids."

"How absolutely sad about 11 innocent animals losing their lives because a 17-year-old was angry. I didn't hear anything from the Humane Society and the charges that they are going to press against him. He doesn't need to be around any animals and I hope they removed them from their family. He doesn't need to do community service, either. I think something more serious should be done."

"I want to voice my opinion on the dogs at Bester. I think that they should be able to stay. The current principal at Bester is the best. The dogs are hypoallergenic dogs, so any kids who have allergy problems, they shouldn't affect them. I think it's good for the children to have them there. I think it should be the voice of many that counts, not one or two."

"I felt really sick when I read what that teenager allegedly did to those puppies. My heart goes out to those animals because I am an animal lover. Someone said about it being a teenager, it's not that it was a teenager, it is what was done. Where were the parents of this child to have let this happen?"

"Mr. Munson, in reply to you wanting to remove the bus system. Are you in favor of riding taxi cabs? We can't afford it. When you are on a low fixed income, this is my only form of transportation. You are lucky enough to have a car. I don't. We know you just got a big raise. We have to struggle to make ends meet. We really need the bus, leave the bus service the way it is."

"There are only 90 shopping days untill Christmas. Everyone get out there and support the economy."

"About the biology teachers who keep snakes in their classrooms. Sometimes they let them wrap around their neck and walk through the halls with them. I think this should go along with the comments about the dogs in the schools. There is a time and place for everything and school is not the place to have either a snake or a dog."

"I want to comment about the County Commuter. I have read about all these complaints in the paper, but I haven't read anything about the good things they do. For instance, they take the senior citizens to their doctor's appointments, they take the seniors to the Maryland Symphony on Sunday afternoons, if they make arrangements in advance. I appreciate these things that they do for us and I think they need to be recognized for the good work they do and the complaints need to stop."

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