August 31, 2003

Gas grills

CFM Keanall is recalling about 1,500 Great Outdoors "Horizon" Gas Grills.

Certain wind conditions blowing at these grills can cause overheating or flashbacks.

These are Great Outdoors Gas Grills (Horizon Model) with model number GH450SBP and GH450XBP.

These are 36,000 BTU 450-square-inch grills. The grill has a dark blue lid and black plastic side shelves with a black frame with a large black front panel. Grills with a florescent label on the carton reading "Contains Safety Enhancement" are not included in the recall.

Contact CFM Keanall at 1-888-532-6255 to receive a free repair kit.

Pool heaters

Hayward Pool Products Inc. is recalling about 15,800 pool heaters.

A malfunctioning circuit board can cause these gas pool heaters to fail to ignite, posing a fire hazard.

The recall includes all Hayward H-Series ED2 natural-draft pool heaters with model numbers H150ED2, H150PED2, H200ED2, H200PED2, H250ED2, H250PED2, H250PEDH2, H300ED2, H300PED2, H3503D2, H350PED2, H400ED2 and H400PED2.


A manufacturing label displaying the unit's model number and serial number is inside the unit, on the heater floor. Consumers can access the label by removing the front panel of the heater housing. The H-series ED2 Control Bezel assembly (a black box mounted behind the front control panel) encases the circuit board.

Consumers should shut off the pool heater by switching off the circuit breaker. Contact Hayward Pool Products at 1-888-429-9273 or go to its Web site at for a free replacement control module.

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