Mail Call

August 30, 2003

"I want to tell the senior citizens that there is help available for people who feel that their driving skills deteriorating. The MVA offers voluntary free testing and all or most of the driving schools have refresher courses."

"I was wondering if anyone ever located the whirlpool over at the Board of Education while the plumbing was being installed?"

"I want to make a response to a letter written by Larry Lorshbaugh in the letters to the editor in talking about children with no manners. He is the same as most people, wondering why the police or the businesses that are having the problems with the children running around in their parking lots. Larry, I think you have it exactly right in the first sentence of your letter, 'What has happened to parents teaching their children manners, morals and respect for others?' It is very frightening and I agree with you because the law can't do anything about it. Then what can we ever to do get the parents to teach their parents? "


"I want to say that I like the article in the paper about the recent race at Mason Dixon Dragway. I would like to see them cover that more often because they could get a lot of interesting stories from there. Labor Day weekend would be a great time to come down and talk to some drivers and maybe do an article on some second-generation drivers down there."

"Why couldn't they just replace the lock on the bathroom? That would have been a lot cheaper. That money could have been used for something more useful, like to pay for some school supplies for children. Maybe that could have been used more wisely. Just replace the lock next time."

"I don't know the exact value of our current hospital, but if they do decide to bulldoze it, wouldn't that be about the same as putting a match to well over a million dollars?"

"Does anyone know if the TV program, 'Seven on Your Side' from Washington, D.C., could help anyone from Hagerstown with a problem?"

"To all those asking why the gas prices are going up. It's not the blackout, it's not even really the oil companies. It's Saudi Arabia. They are limiting the amount of oil they release, so they can make more money. You remember Saudi Arabia, a good friend of the Bush family, and someone who didn't want to support us in the war with Iraq. It was the only smart move they made. As for Iraq, the oil pipeline there was blown up."

"To the person who sees the abused dogs on Falling Waters Road, why don't you call the sheriff's department and the SPCA until someone does anything about it?"

"About the message in Mail Call on Tuesday about the police cruisers. The black and white cruisers that belong to the police department are driven virtually 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, right into the ground by patrolling police officers and only patrolling police officers. There are no family members in these cars. It is the Hagerstown police officers who need a contract and they need one that doesn't take away from them for the amount of their health care, more than they actually received in a pay increase. That is also in Tuesday's paper on A3."

"I don't understand the statement made by Dr. Morgan about not wanting to use a bathroom that doesn't lock. Well, does she think other people don't want to use one that doesn't lock? Why didn't they just put a lock on the door?"

"Attention, Paramount Elementary parents. Did you know that we gained a new principal, did you know that we lost five minutes of our lunch time, did you know that we lost 15 minutes recess time, did you know that we lost our bathroom privileges at lunch. We gained a new principal and lost all our privileges. Call the Board of Education and complain."

"Imagine that Bush wants international help in Iraq now. He should have thought about that before he decided to dismiss the rest of the world's wishes. Now we are stuck with Vietnam 2. Bush is going to be gone next November."

"I think something needs to be done about the people that drive these big trucks. If you can't make the turn without turning into another light, then you need to go a different way. I am tired from backing away and having people coming around the corner and almost hitting me."

"I want to make a point. Why can't the railroad fix the crossing at the City Park? Every time you go across there, it feels like your car is going to fall apart."

"This is Harry and I am calling about the two people who responded to me about NASCAR. Kurt Busch doesn't drive a Chevy, he drives a Ford. I am a Ford fan. They also said that Dale Earnhardt drove that way, too. It's a shame that he isn't with us today, but like I said before, that kind of stuff kills, that is what happened to Dale."

"There is no dress code for teachers, only students."

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