2003 Tri-State Volleyball Capsules

August 28, 2003|by JACK HILL III

Washington County

Boonsboro Warriors

Coach: Wendi Smith (2nd year, 8-8)

Last year: 8-8, lost to Poolesville in 1A South semifinals

Returning starters (4): Caroline Woodhams, Sr., S; Sara Beth Williams, Sr., OH; Jessi Zentmeyer, Sr., MH; Jessie Ambrose, So., S.

Remainder of team: Brittany Hewett, Sr., DS; Lynnae Messner, Jr., DS; Kayla Cunningham, Jr., DS; Kim Snavely, So., DS; Caitlyn Selby, So., OH; Kasi Harris, So., MH.

Smith's outlook: "I am looking forward to the season, because this group of girls has been working extremely hard. They are showing the desire, determination and committment that should allow for us to be competitive in the league and county. We will measure our success throughout the season on how well that we continue to improve."


Broadfording Christian Lions

Coach: Sarah Derr (1st year)

Last year: 10-8

Returning starters (6): Jessie Fath, So., MH/OH; Becca Conner, Jr., S/OH; Holly Reed, Jr., OH; Cindel Young, So., MH; Tina Conner, So., H/S; Leslie Brown, So., OH/S.

Remainder of team: Hannah Bywaters, So., OH; Morgan Brown, Fr., OH; Taylor Shafer, Fr., OH; Sierra Litten, Fr., S; Brittany Page, Fr., MH.

Derr's outlook: "I think that we'll be pretty decent. We have been working pretty hard. We have a good bit of talent and some height on the team. The best part is that they want to win."

Clear Spring Blazers

Coach: Robin Kriner (4th year)

Last year: 4-12, lost to Southern Garrett in 1A West semifinals

Returning starters (5): Amanda Lady, Sr., OH; Brittany Gruber, Sr., OH; Jill Shupp, Sr. S; Sherri Bryan, Sr., OH; Kara Hose, Sr., MH.

Remainder of team: Ashley Crist, Jr., S; Ashley Tritapoe, Jr., MH; Lindsay Fiedler, Jr., OH; Amber Hendershot, So., DS; Katie Reichard, So., S and OH; Christine Burgesser, So., OH.

Kriner's outlook: "We're returning several players and we're hoping to build upon their experience. We are looking for valuable contributions from our younger players. We're expecting to have a strong defense and quick offense."

Grace Academy Knights

Coaches: Diana Serafini and Sherie Basore (1st year)

Last year: 25-1, won ACSI Mid-Atlantic championship

Returning starters (1): Danielle Sowers, Sr., MH.

Remainder of team: Rachel Perrott, Jr., DS; Holli Yoder, Jr., OH; Melissa Malatak, Jr., OH; Katie Kendall, Jr., MH; Candace Renner, Jr., S; Leah Wolfkill, Jr., OH; Laura Browning, So., OH; Nina Crist, So., OH; Megan Cox, Fr., OH; Laura Steenburg, Fr., OH; Kristin Serafini, Fr., S.

Serafini's outlook: "This is definitely a rebuilding season. We lost five players to graduation and three other players transferred outside the school. We only have one senior on the court. However, we have quite a bit of promising young players."

Hancock Panthers

Coach: Debbie Bowman (7th year, 51-49)

Last year: 11-5, lost to Clear Spring in 1A West quarterfinals

Returning starters (2): Kristine Mellott, Sr., OH; Danielle Yost, Sr., DS/OH.

Remainder of team: Jenna Demory, Jr., S/H; Katie Golden, Jr., DS/H; Megan North, Jr., S; Danielle Johnson, Jr., H/DS; Amber Moats, Jr., H; Jessica Kerns, Jr., H; Brittany Jenkins, Jr., H; Danielle Weaver, Jr., S.

Bowman's outlook: "I hope that we can follow what we did last year. That would be nice. We are not afraid to hit the floor. We are a scrappy team. We have got a pretty good defense. We have got a little spice for volleyball. We are working hard on our skills and we are trying to master them. We are tight as a group. The attitudes are positive and they get along good."

Heritage Academy Eagles

Coach: Crystal Grove (2nd year, 6-11)

Last year: 6-11

Returning starters (5): Heidi Stamper, Sr., H; Ashley Prince, Sr., S; Lauren Hartman, Sr., H; Heather Stamper, Jr., S/H; Whitney Schlimgen, Jr., H.

Remainder of team: Amy Maas, Sr., H; Sami Leasure, Jr., H; Jessica Thurber, Jr., H; Jessica Taylor, So., H; Meredith Johnson, So., H; Tiffany Dudeck, So., S.

Grove's outlook: "The outlook is very positive, because I have five starters back. I have girls that were playing on travelling teams and summer league teams. I feel that we have good potential."

Highland View Academy Tartans

Coach: Edgardo Ullrich (1st year)

No other information available

North Hagerstown Hubs

Coach: Corry Eagler (1st year)

Last year: 11-5, lost to Glenelg in 2A West semifinals

Returning starters (2): Sarah Staley, Sr., S; Brooke Ward, Jr., MH.

Remainder of team: Ariel Kifer, Jr., OH; Katie Plume, Jr., OH; Tracy Hinkle, Jr., OH; Anna Shetler, Jr., BRS; Carrie Rock, Jr., BRS; Lindsey Grove, Jr., BRS; Emily Miles, So., BRS; Stephanie Jones, Fr., S; Kierra Nelson, Fr., MH; Symphony Wilson, Fr., OH.

Eagler's outlook: "I think that our outlook will be pretty good. We will be evenly matched at a lot of positions. But we are going to be the underdog, because we are going to be a shorter team. But I think that we will be able to make up for it with our defense. Our freshmen are very strong and they will have a good bit of game time."

Smithsburg Leopards

Coaches: Rose Powell and Rachel Bachtell (1st year)

Last year: 18-2, lost to Poolesville in 1A South final

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