Mail Call

August 28, 2003

"What is it going to take for the Maryland government to realize that they are making a big mistake by understaffing our prisons? Will it take a death of an officer, a riot, an escape and a murder of a citizen because of the escapee? I have been working there for four or five years since I had my last raise and other state workers have received theirs. Sometimes it will only be one officer to a 150 or more inmates. They want to cut the overtime, which means if someone calls in sick or can't come in that day, that worker won't be replaced. It's a matter of time before all heck breaks loose."

"Well, the Sunday paper wasn't too bad this week, except for the Bill O'Reilly column. The article was about the Hummer. It said something about it drawing a lot of attention. I am not jealous, because I could go out and buy 10 new ones at one time if I wanted to. But I would be ashamed to be seen in such an environmentally unfriendly vehicle. It's a gas hog. I would be ashamed to be seen in one of them."


"I want to know if there is anyone else in Boonsboro that is having the same problem with their TV like I have had? I have had this bleeping about two years ago and I would like to know what is going on."

"As a parent of two children attending Maugansville Elementary, I would like to invite the members of the Board of Education to accompany the students for an entire school day. Just remember not to wear tank tops, open-toed shoes or muscle shirts. I want to make sure that your body temperature reaches the same degree as our children. Maugansville classrooms can reach in excess of 90 degrees. This makes for a wonderful learning experience."

"Good luck, South High varsity football. Go Rebels!!!"

"I just got the paper and since we have a dress code for the students, which I am for 100 percent. I also think by looking at the newspaper, that we need to have a dress code for the teachers also."

"On the front page of the Monday's Daily Mail is a picture of a teacher wearing a sleeveless shirt. We were under the impression that sleeveless shirts are not in compliance with the dress code. Someone needs to clarify this."

"I am calling in response to Harry, the NASCAR fan in Aug. 25 Mail Call saying that Kurt Busch got exactly what he deserved. Well, the only reason he thinks that is because whoever he roots for isn't as good as Kurt Busch."

"For Harry the NASCAR fan, as far back as I can remember when Dale Earnhardt Sr. was alive and driving he would do the same thing, he would bump and take someone out all the time and Jeff Gordon does the same thing all the time. So Busch is only doing what the other people who drive Chevrolets do."

"I lost my black and white cat. She answers to Patches. She has been gone since Sunday, Aug. 17. I live in the 13000 block of Resh Road. If anyone has seen her, call me at 301-791-2186 and I am offering a reward. Thank you very much."

"Instead of having so many Mexicans come to the U.S. for jobs and better lifestyles, I think the U.S. Congress should make Mexico our 51st state."

"I want to thank Mike Hazzer for a job well done."

"I want to respond to the comment about the out-of-towners. Not all out-of-towners are drug dealers and bad criminals. You have some Hagerstown natives that are into, drugs too. Don't blame all people from out of town. I am from New York and I am not a drug dealer. I live in Hagerstown and I like the area. But you need to rephrase your statement."

"Mr. Maginnis is absolutely right in his editorial in Monday's paper. He only missed one important point about the hospital and the city's battle. The city should do whatever it need to do to annex that property into the city and the city should stop wasting money on attorney fees to keep the hospital within the city. That money should be spent on the city's employees and the other projects, like Mr. Maginnis said, 'it's time for the city to start re-investing its money and not putting it down a sinkhole to make lawyers happy.' They need to stop doing this, annex the property and build the hospital at Robinwood and make sure that the University of Maryland is a done deal for downtown. Stop wasting money and stop arguing with the county."

"To all the parents complaining about the school dress code: There are many parents who want not only a dress code, but uniforms in each school, especially middle school. This may help the school morale and pride and may help reduce competitiveness between children."

"Congratulations, Bob and Doris, on your new additions to your family, four boys and two girls."

"The Boonsboro High School Class of 1993 is having a 10-year reunion on Saturday, Sept. 13, at 6 p.m. at the Clarion Inn in Shepherdstown, W.Va. We are still searching for several classmates that we haven't been able to contact. If you haven't been contacted and are a member of this class, call Amy (Barnes) Wescott at 301-432-0123 or Shawn (Reeder) Boland at 301-696-1289."

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