Fenoglio to take snaps for Shepherd

August 27, 2003|by BOB PARASILITI

SHEPHERDSTOWN, W.Va. - When it comes right down to it, Tony Fenoglio admits he throws like a tight end.

"I never had any touch," says the candidate to be Shepherd College's starting quarterback. "I just fired the ball in there."

And that is with good reason.

You see, Fenoglio was the Rams' starting tight end last year.

After a year of playing along the offensive line, Fenoglio is vying to fill the shoes of four-year starter Joel Gordon.

Two years ago, Fenoglio came to Shepherd as a quarterback. He acted as Gordon's backup in 2001. Shepherd coach Monte Cater decided to move him to tight end out of neccessity to give him the chance to play.


"The thing with Tony was he redshirted behind Joel and wasn't going to play for a long time," Cater said. "He was a quarterback in a similar system. Moving him to tight end gave him a different look at the offense. Now he has a better feel for what's going on."

Moving back behind center adds an interesting dimension to Fenoglio and the offense. In the past, Shepherd had the tendency to use highly mobile quarterbacks. Fenoglio breaks the mold at 6-foot-4 and 242 pounds.

That has made Fenoglio work like a big man trying to fit in a little man's world. As a tight end, he needed power and leverage. As a quarterback, he is searching for finesse and touch.

"Timing ... that's what this camp has been all about," Fenoglio said. "I've been trying to get down the spacing and watching for the game to slow down. I've been coming out here and working as hard as I can. I'm trying to take control and lead the team."

Fenoglio's size will command some respect in the huddle. It's a matter of translating it to wins on the field.

"The change hasn't been too bad," Fenoglio said. "I've always been relaxed and laid back. I need to work on my pocket composure. Playing tight end last year helps me stay clam and focused on the feel for the game."

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