Mail call

August 27, 2003

"This is to the person who wrote Mail Call about the religious man in Williamsport attacking a windshield. If you don't know all the circumstances, don't give your opinion. What does religion have to do with it? No one is perfect. Also, the names of the couple should have been printed in the newspaper. Don't judge lest ye be judged. Bye."

"This is to the homeowners and farm owners of Washington County. Planning and zoning is going to have a hearing Sept. 15 at HCC at 6 p.m. to discuss the moratorium in this county. As voters, you should be paying attention that the County Commissioners are just a small body of people and the decisions they make will primarily affect the whole south end of the county, from Boonsboro to the river and a lot of us predicated around the battlefield as near as I can figure out. I think it should be put to a vote to the people. I don't think a few people should make that decision. But if you care what's going on and you're county people, wake up. Attend the hearing. Voice your concerns. Thank you."


"You know about this power thing with the blackout - that problem didn't just crop up during Mr. Bush's administration. If it was always so bad as they say it is, how come Bill Clinton's administration didn't fix it?"

"This response is to Harry about the senior citizens who are driving. You said that if they have a good driving record we should leave them alone. That may be true, but, however, in the parking lot, at Martin's on Dual Highway, two times I was almost hit by senior citizens driving down the wrong side - driving on the left - while I'm trying to drive on the right - and almost had head-on collisions with them two separate times. So, maybe their driving record is great, but it doesn't mean that they are not having a lot of near-misses because they are not paying attention."

"To the person who called about the dogs chained on Falling Waters Road: I'm glad you care about the dogs, but do the owners read Mail Call? Why don't you call the Humane Society? It can be done anonymously. Please don't give up. Thanks."

- Williamsport

"I see where the price of gasoline went up 10 cents a gallon today. There are too many vehicles on the road now, and people have to quit buying more and limiting the amount of gasoline they buy. The big oil companies might find out."

"Sharpsburg's at it again. Instead of outlawing where and how any child can ride a bicycle, skateboard or roller skates, why don't you just nip the problem in the bud and outlaw children? You are starting to look like a Gestapo state. Get real, Sharpsburg."

- Keedysville

"To the person calling in complaining about people picking on the way seniors drive and how we need to concentrate more on the younger kids. Think back, just a couple of months. Two seniors - 19 people dead - because they lost control, lost their minds or whatever and ran through two city markets. Get real. Pay attention and when you can't drive, quit."

"I read in the paper about everybody complaining about their Internet service. We have Internet through a cable company and that is, by far, the worst. I'm lucky if one day a week we get connected. And we're lucky if we get to do what we want to do - start to finish - on the Internet because it kicks us off all the time. If anybody's got a solution or can tell me what to do we've had the cable changed, we've done everything we can think of and everything the cable company can think of to fix it. But it just keeps going on and off. I pay a lot of money for my cable Internet and I'm lucky if I get it, maximum, two times a week. If anybody could call in and give me any suggestions, I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks."

"I'm calling in to Mail Call concerning the Boonsboro High School parents. We would like to have something in Boonsboro like a Burger King or McDonald's for the children after the games to go sit down and eat hamburgers and french fries. And also, that would benefit Middletown, Smithsburg, Sharpsburg and Hagerstown if they come down. I hope someone will look into this that we could have a hamburger place and a french fry place for the children to eat. There's nothing. Thank you."

"You cops say you need a contract. Well, you get to ride around with your wife and kids in my vehicle and everybody else's vehicle who's a taxpayer. How much more of a contract do you need than that? Thank you."

"We need another parking garage in Hagerstown like we need another empty building. Thank you."

"Yes, I am talking on the ad in the paper for South High for their schedules and home room. My daughter is a senior at South High this year, and she did bring home a schedule and her home room class the last day of school. I guess if your child would attend school, he or she would have received a schedule with her home room and classes on it for the start of this year."

"We don't need more jobs in Hagerstown. We need more people who are willing to work. Thank you."

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