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Mail Call

August 26, 2003

"News from Iraq keeps getting worse everyday. How in the world could our president make such a terrible mistake?"

"I am wondering if we could get a mower down in the Dargan and Chestnut Grove area. The weeds are really bad down here."

"My name is Harry and I am calling because I am a NASCAR fan. I am calling about that incident between Kurt Busch and Jimmy Spencer. I think Busch got exactly what he deserved. He tried to take Jimmy out on the track. That kind of stuff kills. I think NASCAR should have suspended Busch. At least Spencer settled his off the track."

"In order to have people come down to your town, you have to put some stores in it. You have to put something in there to draw the people in and it has to be some nice stores."


"I am not a city resident, I am a county resident. However, I think it is time for city people to get together and demand that the mayor and council resign or get on with the movement of the hospital. They are moving and there is nothing that they can do about. You might as well move on and spend the money on something more important."

"I am sorry and I feel for the parents who lost their child at the quarry. But I strongly agree with the judge denying their claim against the cement company. Parents are responsible for their children and accidents do happen."

"Mr. Breichner, you got your foot in your mouth and don't know how to get it out."

"There was a man that was parking in the handicapped parking spot and didn't have the proper tags. He said he didn't see the handicapped sign on the pole. Well if he didn't see that, then he probably can't see to drive."

"So Mayor Breichner wants to build a new hospital at the existing site. What does he plan on doing with the patients while they build this new hospital? Maybe they could go shopping for the next two years. I hope he gets a life and gets his nose out of the hospital business. Those jobs will still be in the county, so we aren't losing them."

"I am calling in response to the woman who said it was a shame that you can't walk down West Franklin Street at 9 o'clock at night without being mistaken for a prostitute. I think it's a shame, too. All you have to do is walk. It's obnoxious. Don't assume that anyone without a car is waiting to be picked up."

"The superintendent is not the only one that is not overly surprised and are a little disappointed because we have to spend taxpayers' dollars on tutoring students at Eastern Elementary. I am concerned about parents not doing their jobs. There were two articles in the paper about the teachers not doing their jobs. Well, if the parents done their job at home, then the job would get done at home."

"I am grateful that the little girl Shania Shockey is being moved to rehab. I am so glad that the family stuck by her and wasn't ready to give up on her. When and where they build the new hospital, are they going to have an angioplasty unit? I read where there are only 15 percent of the hospitals anywhere that can actually do this kind of surgery. I think that Hagerstown should have this added if they don't already have it."

"I am a state retiree and I also pay a health insurance out of my pension check each month and the person who said about Medicare taking care of it. Apparently you aren't on Medicare, because they don't pay but very little towards and hospital or doctor bill. So therefore, we are paying our share too."

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