Highlights of countywide dress code for students

August 25, 2003

Here are highlights of the systemwide dress code approved by the Washington County Board of Education for Washington County Public Schools students:


  • Hats and bandannas

  • Visors and sunglasses

  • Shirts that do not cover the entire back, shoulders and midriff area, and that expose undergarments

  • See-through shirts

  • Shirts that show cleavage

  • Skirts, dresses or shorts that do not cover the mid-thighs when seated or do not extend to the fingertips when standing

  • Muscle shirts and tank tops because they are considered undergarments. Shirts must be worn over or under them.

  • Pants that do not cover undergarments at all times

  • Pants that are excessively baggy and fall off the hips

  • Pants that are excessively long and drag on the floor

  • Bare feet

  • Jewelry or accessories that can be used as or perceived to be weapons, such as chokers, rings or bracelets with spikes or chains

  • Clothes that make reference to profanity, drugs, alcohol, tobacco or violence, or bear sexual messages

  • Clothes with words or symbols on them that offend, demean or promote hatred toward an identifiable person or group
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