Breathe in ... the football guide is coming

August 24, 2003|by DAN KAUFFMAN

Here are some short takes while on a breather from our football preview guide, which will be released on Friday (shameless plug):

  • A slight change in plan for the preview guide. This year's section will include only high school football, with preview stories, schedules, rosters and more.

    Stay tuned to our daily section this week for previews on Maryland, West Virginia, Penn State and Shepherd College. Then check back next week for stories on the Ravens, Redskins and Steelers as the NFL gets ready to kickoff.

  • For what it's worth, my season predictions on those three NFL teams: Baltimore 9-7, Washington 8-8, Pittsburgh 11-5.

  • I've watched more of the Little League World Series this week than I have the majors. I guess it's just the joy the kids play with and the drama that seems to fill nearly every game.

    It's also nice to see coaches who have kept things in perspective. One manager, who saw his team lose on a game-ending double play, displayed a huge smile as he walked toward what was sure to be a dugout filled with disappointed children.


While nobody wants to leave Williamsport, Pa., with anything less than the World Series championship, the kids deserve a coach who will remind them of their accomplishments, especially in defeat.

These kids will always remember their trip to the World Series, and they'll also remember the actions of their coaches and their supporters.

  • Last week, I talked about those who speak doom and despair when Tiger Woods isn't in contention in a PGA tournament.

    Now comes word that neither Serena nor Venus Williams will play in the U.S. Open tennis tournament, which begins Monday, and for some the outlook is equally bleak for the WTA without the Williamses as that of the PGA without Woods.

    The Williams sisters, like Woods, have dominated their tour for several years now. They are undoubtedly the top players in their sport.

    But let's not belittle the other players on the circuit by saying this U.S. Open means less because the Williamses aren't playing.

  • Besides that, perhaps this will be the year that a surprise star comes out of nowhere to win.

    I'm sure nobody tuned in to Wimbledon 18 years ago to watch some guy named Boris Becker, who went on to be one of the top men's tennis players in the world for over a decade.

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