Mail Call for 8/22

August 23, 2003

"To the parents of the Bester Elementary School students who are complaining about the uniform shirts. You are setting a bad example for your kids and letting them do whatever they please. I would love to be able to remember when children started to rule the roost. It won't scar the kids for life to have to do something they consider unpleasant once in a while. We all have to do things sometimes that we don't like. By rebelling against Bester's wishes, you are basically letting your kids think they don't have to follow rules. We all go through this life following rules, whether it be from parents, school authorities, bosses and of course the law. This is the time to teach kids to listen to authority. I believe we would have better behaved kids, if we started when they are young. Please think about this."

"To the people on Falling Waters Road who have their dogs chained to boxes. The black and white long-haired dog needs shade. It is 88 degrees and he has to lay in the sun, with no shade, but his box, which is even hotter to lay in. Make sure that your animal has shade."


"The city is designing ways to draw out-of-towners to downtown because the local people already know what is down there, NOTHING! Trying to get out-of- towners downtown after shopping at Prime Outlets is very depressing. We will be getting a bad or worse name because of the mess that we have downtown."

"This is Harry and I am calling about the seniors driving. It seems like they want to pick on the seniors driving. This past month or two, it has been the teenagers and young adults killed due to reckless driving and speeding. I say, if the seniors have a good driving record, they should leave them alone. Another thing, they are talking about a second parking deck downtown. What do they need another parking deck for? What they need is more businesses and the old buildings down there fixed up, so they can draw new businesses. They don't need another parking deck when there is nothing down there now as it is."

"Before we build any parking garages, before we build or dedicate any more tiny little parks, we need to get a contract for our police officers, it's been more than two and a half years. Talking about trying to get folks to come downtown, if we don't have serving police officers down there patroling, anyone coming downtown, who survives it, isn't going to come back. We need a contract for our police officers. That is what a decent community provides for its safety officers, decent contracts."

"What a surprise to find out that the top executives of the energy corporation that are blamed for last week's blackout were huge financial supporters of George Bush. No wonder they never had to step up to the plate and update their systems. Everytime they got fined or in trouble, they just contributed more money to Bush's campaign, in return, he would overlook their problem. How come the Bush administration is keeping their energy policy a secret, yet Bush is telling us on TV that he said we should upgrade the power grid. That is a lie, he did not and when Congress tried to pass something like that, the Republicans put drilling for oil in Alaska. Without that, they wouldn't pass the energy bill. Had they passed the energy, we might have been on the way to building a better infrastructure, instead we are trying to build one in Iraq and you can see how that is going."

"The city said that they want to try to draw out of towners to downtown Hagerstown. We already have a lot of out of towners, they are called drug dealers and drug addicts."

"Now that it's football and soccer season, I want to remind the parents and coaches that take their kids to practice at Halfway Park, that it's not open seasonally and there are walkers and joggers. So please, if you would, slow down."

"I want to know why South High could not send the returning students' schedules home to them in the mail or give them their homeroom number. Other schools like North High and other high schools have theirs in their hand ready to go. The returning students at South High have no way of knowing where they are going on the first day of school. The students should be notified of at least their homeroom number before the first day of school."

"We don't need another parking deck in downtown Hagerstown, we need more jobs."

"We are not unhappy about the few stores that are in Boonsboro, but the main thing about them is, the prices are too high."

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