Mail Call for 8/21

August 22, 2003

"This is for the very nice lady, Pam, who followed me all the way to Greencastle from the fireworks on Friday night when I was having car trouble. I had two little children in the car. Thanks so much and may God bless you, Pam."

"To the person who is having trouble getting onto the Internet. You probably have the blaster worm on your computer and that is why you can't get on. Once you get that, you can't get onto the Internet. You have to go and get it fixed."

"Someone had a very cool bumper sticker on their car about 'It's not about disabilities, it's about attitude."

"Is there going to be a department store where the old Sears was? We need one there. Also we need one where the old Ames used to be. All the shopping is done now at either the mall or around Wal-Mart. We need one closer to home and closer to town."


"I think it's a shame that a woman can't walk down West Franklin Street for three blocks to go to the post office without having at least 30 men in trucks and cars beeping at you thinking you are a prostitute. Just because it's 9 at night doesn't mean that everyone on the street is a prostitute. It's a shame."

"I read the three articles in Sunday's paper concerning Section 8 tenants. There are always two sides to every story. The reporter needs to present the other side where the majority are not success stories. I wholeheartedly agree with helping the elderly and the disabled. My biggest complaint about Section 8 is that they help women who are having numerous out of wedlock children without naming the father, which means no child support is being collected. They are given medical cards to use, food stamps and live practically rent free and are helped with utility payments. I am not Section 8, I work 40 hours a week and struggle to pay my bills, but my tax dollars go to aid these women. Where is the incentive to work when they are handed all these freebies? We all make mistakes, but after two such mistakes, I feel something needs to be done to prevent future children from being born so my tax dollar can be used in a more productive manner, like helping the elderly buy their much-needed prescriptions."

- Hagerstown

"Tutors for Eastern Elementary kids, boy this is something isn't it? Can't blame it on the housing projects now in the West End, can they? The teacher has to help the child, that is what they are being paid for. Take the TV out of the classrooms, they don't help you, the teacher has to do the teaching."

"The schools superintendent stated that she is not overly surprised, she is just a little disappointed because we have to spend taxpayers' dollars on tutoring students at Eastern Elementary School, we could be putting it to a better use. Please, Elizabeth Morgan, what is a better use? I feel that our children are the ones that need the money. Shame on you for saying this."

"Does anyone know if the Tri-State Track Club still exists? If it does, leave a name of the club and a number where I can reach them. Preferably for adults. I would like more information."

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