Mail Call

August 21, 2003

"I was wondering if the gun dealer that sought to import and sell a rocket launcher to terrorists would be one of those idiocies that the NRA represents and protects."

"I can't say anything for Tim Rowland for kissing up to Judge Wright, because he does not have to go by any rules. But being a business owner or a homeowner in town, we cannot get a bench removed without a permit or jumping though hoops. Do you see what I am getting at? For everyone else there are and procedures or channels to go though, so why is it different for Judge Wright? Why is he different from anyone else?"

"My car is over 20 years old, I drive it every day, everything is legal on my car. It passed the emissions test and it goes through inspection. I don't see anything wrong with my old car, because it's paid for. Mind your own business."


"Everyone seems to be worried about everyone else. Don't anyone want to mind their own business."

"Just read where someone killed some blind man's guide dog in Texas. Well, the man who did this, can hear me, but there is a place downstairs for you along with Jeffrey Dahmer, Hitler and other ones."

"About the one-day surgery waiting room. I think there are too many people in there at one time. Last week, I had three people in my family having surgery and it was hard to find a chair to sit on in that waiting room. They should have a limit of how many people can be in there from one family."

"I just read where Ted Shankle said that Penny Nigh did not mention the recent vandalism in Fountain Head. Why should she? She lives in Hagers-town and is concerned about problems in Hagerstown, just as I am."

"I read in Mail Call where someone was looking for the sex offenders Web site. It is"

"There was a dark-haired woman who walked her dark- haired terrier out at the City Park with no leash and it was right in front of the city workers that were working in the park at the time. You are getting some people who think they can let their dog run freely and the city workers aren't doing anything about it. Put the dog on the leash. What would you do if your dog decided to bite someone out there?"

"As a suggestion, there should be some benches for people who have to wait on buses in downtown. I have a grandmother who uses the public bus every day. It's disgusting to have to see her sitting down on those filthy steps. Please provide some benches. Don't make the people feel like trash because they are standing up. Why not make an agreement with the person who owns the building to open up a store that would sell coffee, a newspaper and a place for someone to sit?"

"You have many elderly people who use the public buses. Why not make an agreement with Mr. Perini who owns that building downtown and see if the city could have a little coffee shop and provide some nice benches in front of the building for the people who wait on the bus?"

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