Letters to the editor

August 20, 2003

Navy let us down

To the editor:

This is the seventh year for the military concerts sponsored by the Harpers Ferry-Bolivar District Veterans and the National Park Service of Harpers Ferry, W.Va. In May, the U.S. Marine Band held the concert at the park, in June the U.S. Army Band was to play, but as we all well know, it was rained out.

The U.S. Air Force Band this year, in July, had a commitment to play overseas, so we had no band for July. Then the U.S. Navy Band was to play on Aug. 9 at the park, but they wanted $2,100 and there was no way we could afford that amount of money for a concert. Our coordinator, Bob Parker, did everything possible to get the Navy band to appear, but to no avail.

The Navy made the statement that we canceled the concert, not them, so who is to blame for not having the concert? This is the first time that any military band has asked for money to play. We and the people who sponsor the concerts just get enough money to pay for the advertisements and brochures for the day of the concert, including the small American flags. We the veterans are very disappointed with the Navy Band for canceling.


It just doesn't seem fair that the military bands go all over the United States and the world with no payments. All of the money going overseas for the military and defense department, especially Iraq, and they are asking a veterans' outfit for expenses. What else can you expect from politics? The month of Sept. 6 is the U.S. Marine Free Country Band, no expenses or charge, and we will tell you people that this Free Country Band has drawn huge crowds and makes it a very enjoyable evening for our final concert of the year. Next year, who knows what is going to happen? We're hoping we have an eighth year of concerts.

Paul R. Ranalli
Harpers Ferry-Bolivar Veterans

Photos were upsetting? Good

To the editor:

I am a concerned citizen and taxpayer, writing in response to public opinion on the recent "Face the Truth" tour on July 28 on Washington Street. People have expressed strong feelings about the graphic pictures of abortion that were shown.

I would like to remind everyone that no one "forced" them to see the pictures; the demonstration was in a public place where no one made them go. There were also signs that read "Warning: Graphic Pictures Ahead" so people could go another way if they wanted to. Finally, I remind the readers of the guarantees of free speech and assembly.

If these pictures disturbed, angered and horrified people, they had their intended effect. Heaven forbid the day we American citizens cease to be disturbed, angered, and horrified at such cruel violence against life, the most basic right we have. This tour aimed at getting people to "face the truth" that abortion destroys the lives of women and children - and it's brutal. Many women regret their abortions. So many of them are suffering from the physical, spiritual and emotional pain. Women deserve better than that.

Consider what actually happens in abortion. The baby is killed inside the mother's womb (a place made to nourish life) and disposed of. It seems too awful to be true, but this happens every day. That is why the tour had to have graphic pictures:

Many people don't know what abortion is actually about. People are lied to, told the baby isn't human, when biology and honest conscience clearly proclaim a human baby. Every person must "face the truth" that abortion kills children in our country. Why does that matter to anyone? Because if America cannot protect its weakest and most vulnerable citizens, it cannot protect anyone else.

I have participated in the tour several times, and it changed my life. I saw that many people don't understand what is happening, and it is very important for the tour to show those images so that people do understand. The newspapers, magazines, and television networks won't show the images, the truth, so the tour does. That is all that the tour is about.

I challenge the reader not to be ignorant. I challenge the reader to think about what is happening, to look past the pretty rhetoric about "choice," because it isn't about that at all. I challenge the reader to stop being blind and to take a stand for life.

Michele Winslow

Great service

To the editor:

We would like to share with you the wonderful customer service we received from the Village Florist-Gifts on 19776A Longmeadow Road in Hagerstown, Md.

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