Mail Call for 8/18

August 19, 2003

"To the person who said about the Wal-Mart near Sharpsburg Elementary and said that there is no shopping within a couple of hundred miles. Well, it's within 60 miles of Washington, D.C., and I can tell you there is plenty of shopping from here to there!"

"Let's talk about the Chiwawa that tore through a baby's playpen and killed an infant. I thought pit bulls were the only vicious dogs that existed. If the city is so desperate for money that they need to charge $50 a year to register a dog, then they better do that for every dog in the town. Where exactly is this money going anyway?"

"Who hit a dog on Walnut Point Road? Can you call and say you hit him, so we know what happened to him and where you hit him, so we know where to start looking for him."

"In response to the person who thinks that they don't have any shopping within a couple hundred miles because they live in Sharpsburg. It sure can't be that far just going in the Sharpsburg Pike to Interstate 70, take a left and it's a few miles over to the Valley Mall."


"I personally think Tim Rowland is doing a great job. He is funny, witty and definitely better than Dave Barry. So keep up the good work, Tim."

"I am reading about the Octoberfest in Thursday's paper. I was just wondering, if this is a charitable foundation, what does it do?"

"I want to find out if anyone in Hagerstown is having trouble with getting on the Internet. I have been trying to get on and it won't connect me."

"I have known about Bester Elementary having the uniforms ever since the end of the school year. A lot of people in Hagers-town need to wake up, everywhere else is getting uniforms. I think they should have a certain kind of pants and a certain color of pants to wear."

"I want to see a Kmart or Wal-Mart in the old Sears building at the Long Meadow Shopping Center."

"To the people concerned about Bester's dress code. We have talked to school officials. This is not a mandatory thing. There are other reasons behind it. I think maybe others should look into the actual cause of this going into effect, before they criticize anyone else."

"I have two children that go to Bester and the dress code has become an issue. My children choose to wear their own clothes and this should be their choice. Since it isn't a mandatory thing, we aren't going to force our children to wear clothes that you have to buy from the school. It will be their choice. If they want to, that is fine."

"My complaint is when radio stations have a contest, they say the phone number real fast and they don't repeat it. This is not fair. It makes me mad because last week, I knew the answer and I couldn't remember the phone number because he said it so fast."

"I am calling in response to the residents who want a dollar store in Boonsboro. There is one in the back of the pharmacy, there is a dollar stock room, with all kinds of dollar stuff and it's expanding all the time."

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