Woman rescued after falling off tube

August 18, 2003|by BRIAN SHAPPELL

A woman rescued after falling off her inflated tube along an area of the Potomac River near Sandy Hook Road avoided injury Sunday, though another woman was not so fortunate the day before.

A fire department spokesman said calls and injuries along the river have become more commonplace in the past year.

At about 3:20 p.m. Sunday, rescuers from the Potomac Valley Fire Co. responded to a call that a woman on a tubing trip was caught in rocky area of the river, according to fire company Capt. Clarence Webber. Webber said the adult woman, whom he declined to identify, was not injured and went home.

However, Webber said emergency workers took another adult woman, whom he also did not identify, to Frederick (Md.) Memorial Hospital Saturday afternoon for treatment of a broken leg. The woman had fallen off her tube, he said.


Webber said Potomac Valley volunteers have performed up to 15 rescues during rafting/tubing season this year.

"It's pretty high for midway through the season," Webber said. "It's getting to be more and more of an every-week thing. Some of them are going past the point they are supposed to."

Webber said the company was busier than usual last year as well, in part, because of the growing popularity of tubing.

"Every year, there are more and more tubers, so there are more injuries and more calls for us," he said.

Several people tubing along the river Sunday said they had not heard of rescues Saturday or Sunday. Others appeared surprised that someone was injured during what they characterized as a calm recreational experience.

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