Mail Call

August 16, 2003

"I have seen that there has been so much in the paper lately about golf and I was wondering why the junior golf at Yingling's and Beaver Creek, why there hasn't been much in the paper about those programs? Someone said that it was in the boxscore section. I don't think it's fair that everyone else gets a writeup, but they don't."

"Surprise, surprise, today on the news conference, George Bush blamed the economic ills, job losses and the nation's monumental debt on Bill Clinton. Makes you wonder what Mr. Bush has been doing for the past three years."

"I think it would be wonderful to have a Wal-Mart in Smithsburg. We could really use one. We could really use a store around here, we have none."

"After Ted Shankle's letter to the editor and Joanne West's letter to the editor a few days later, it makes me wonder who Ted Shankle really serves, the people of Washington County and the City of Hagerstown or is it the landlords?"


"Just curious if anyone knows what is going on with Old School Fabrics in Boonsboro now that it has been sold? Is it going to reopen as another fabric shop or did another business take over and what happened to all the fabric that wasn't sold?"

"If I were governor of the state of Maryland, the first four things I would do is, first I would do is eliminate the emissions testing station, then eliminate Welfare, then legalize gambling and finally not allow any car older than 20 years old on the road unless it is on a trailer."

"Well Mr. Metzner, I was reading your thing in the paper. I see that you have your nose in someone else's business. No wonder nobody wants to be downtown or have their business in downtown. It's none of your business to try and run someone else's business. That is all of you guys' problem, you got your nose in someone else's business. No wonder nobody wants to stay in town. If that was your business, would you want someone to tell you how to run yours?"

"I am looking for a Mrs. Cross who works in or near the Williamsport School District. I have some labels for you. Call me at 301-733-1593."

"Does anyone know the Web site where you can find out the sex offenders in your area?"

"If you can recall the governor of California, can we recall the President of the United States?"

"The people in the Cedar Lawn area are allowed to have untagged junk cars in their yards because it is their yard. Mind your own business."

"I don't know what the new dress code for the schools are, but the only way we are going to find out is when our child breaks the rules."

"If you are unhappy with the few stores that are in Boonsboro, then why don't you leave Boonsboro."

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