Blast from the past

August 13, 2003

Week of August 10, 1953

The Washington County Commissioners doled out $60 for a hog, $34 for 34 ducks and $54 for 3 sheep this week, all of them killed by stray dogs.

With approximately 4,000 unlicensed dogs roaming the county, the commissioners figure that it won't be long before the dog license fund, which pays for farm animals killed by dogs, will be exhausted and taxpayers will have to pay for the damages.

Transocean air mail service is becoming quicker than local postal delivery, if the letter Harry J. Clapp received this week is any indication. According to the Summit Avenue man, a letter postmarked Tuesday at 12:30 p.m. from London reached the local post office little more than 24 hours later.

There hasn't been a Niemyer pretzel since summer 1951 - but Mrs. Henry V. Niemyer, widow of the widely known local baker, has decided to teach the Niemyer secrets to G. Dennis Thurston of Salem Avenue. He will operate the bakery at the same familiar location of 213 High St.


All over the eastern half of the nation, the demand for Niemyer pretzels has continued during the two years that have passed since the death of Mr. Niemyer in August 1951.

Week of August 10, 1978

A re-creation of the United States Marine Band of 1863 will perform in Hagerstown City Park on Monday and at Antietam National Battlefield site on Saturday.

The 1st Marine Band, President Lincoln's own, recreates the performances of the Civil War and John Philip Sousa era.

A citizens' drive to elect city council members at-large drew praise and fire from elected officials this morning.

Lining up in opposition to a change are Councilmen Larry Vaughn and Tony Cianelli.

Councilman Irvin K. Bloom says he plans to research the issue before taking a stand.

Mayor Pat Paddack, Councilmen Ira P. Kauffman and R. Lee McCauley say they approve of such a proposal.

Unemployment in Washington County dropped to 5.8 percent in June, declining nearly a full percentage point from the May rate of 6.7 percent. The Human Resources Department said Friday that 2,991 of Washington County's workers from a work force of 51,594 went jobless in the month.

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