Williamsport briefs

August 13, 2003

Town may consider its own pit bull law

WILLIAMSPORT - Mayor John W. Slayman urged the Town Council to think about a possible law restricting pit bulls after watching how Hagerstown handles the issue.

"People are afraid that if Hagerstown bars them, they'll ship them to Williamsport," Slayman said "I don't think so."

Council rejects boy's request for trip funds

WILLIAMSPORT - The Town Council on Monday rejected a request for money from a Williamsport boy going to a leadership conference in Washington, D.C.

The student is Spencer Draper, a seventh-grader at Heritage Academy west of Hagerstown.

Spencer was picked to attend a Junior National Young Leaders Conference, which is described at the JrNYLC Web site as a study in leadership, American history, communication, character, teamwork, problem-solving, goal-setting and courage.

Tuition for each six-day fall conference is $1,590, which covers everything but travel to and from the conference and lunch on those days, as well as incidentals, such as phone calls and souvenirs, the Web site says.


Mayor John W. Slayman said the town usually doesn't oblige requests for money from individuals.

Sheriff's Department responds to 271 calls

WILLIAMSPORT - The Washington County Sheriff's Department responded to 271 calls in Williamsport in July, according to a report distributed to the Town Council on Monday.

Sheriff's deputies arrested two adults and three juveniles.

They charged one person with driving while intoxicated and issued seven speeding tickets and 20 other moving violation tickets, plus one parking ticket.

Two deputies in training worked with two of the current three resident deputies, meaning five different deputies patrolled the town during the month, the report says.

The deputies in training are not scheduled to be assigned to the town.

Councilman reports trash pickup complaint

WILLIAMSPORT - Councilman Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said Monday that a resident complained about a trash removal company picking up and dropping large outside bins at 4 a.m. The trash pickups are noisy, the resident said.

Mayor John W. Slayman said the town will pass the complaint along to the trash removal company.

Pereschuk: Cars hit by bicycles in alley

WILLIAMSPORT - Councilman Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said he was told that the cars of two people were hit by bicycles in an alley near Town Hall.

Pereschuk said bicyclists aren't supposed to ride on the sidewalk.

Councilman Monty R. Jones said motorists should file a police report if that happens.

Pereschuk said he always blows his horn before he reaches the sidewalk when driving out of an alley.

Library branch to be closed for upgrades

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's branch of the Washington County Free Library will be closed from Aug. 15 to Sept. 8 so the walls can be painted and new carpet installed, Councilman Gloria J. Bitner said Monday.

Patrons may borrow books before the closing date and return them at another branch, she said.

Crime watch group will meet on Sept. 16

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's crime watch group will meet next on Sept. 16, Councilwoman Gloria J. Bitner said Monday. She said residents can find out the time of the meeting, which hadn't been decided by Monday, when the town newsletter comes out.

Jones: Resident upset about Pepsi trucks

WILLIAMSPORT - Councilman Monty R. Jones said a resident complained about Pepsi trucks frequently traveling along Artizan Street.

Jones said he'd like to ask Pepsi if it could choose an alternate route to get to Interstate 81.

The town can't dictate the trucks' path, but "I want them to think about it when they do their routes," Jones said.

National Night Out called 'big success'

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's National Night Out celebration on Aug. 4 was "a big success," Mayor John W. Slayman said.

"There was no problem whatsoever," he said.

Slayman said Washington County Sheriff Charles F. Mades and some deputies attended and said the town did a great job.

Booster club thanks town for contribution

WILLIAMSPORT - The Williamsport High School athletic booster club thanked the town for contributing to its golf tournament, which was a "great success," Clerk/Treasurer Bonnie J. Errico said Monday.

Mother wants son's punishment reviewed

WILLIAMSPORT - The mother of two boys banned from Byron Memorial Park wrote a letter asking the Town Council to reconsider the punishment for her younger son. He is "simply the victim of being in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person," she wrote, asking that he be allowed to use the pool at the park.

The woman wrote that her son was accused of clogging toilets in the park because he was with other children who did it. The younger boy accepted a community service sentence and continued to serve after his hours were finished, she wrote.

Councilman Monty R. Jones said he doesn't know the two sons.

Both times the older boy got into trouble, the younger boy was with him, Mayor John W. Slayman said.

Councilman Earle R. Pereschuk Sr. said the woman and the younger boy should have come to the council meeting.

The council did not act on the mother's request.

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