Greencastle-Antrim school administrators get more pay

August 09, 2003|by RICHARD BELISLE

The seven administrators in the Greencastle-Antrim School District are getting pay raises averaging about 4 percent following a vote this week on a new one-year contract by the local school board.

The board expects to save about $68,000 even with the pay increases because the number of administrators in the district is dropping by one.

Bonnie Cornelious, Greencastle-Antrim High School principal, resigned this summer. Her duties will be transferred to four other administrators, Schools Superintendent P. Duff Rearick said.


"We absorbed her position," Rearick said.

To make it work, the four administrators have had 15 days added to their contracts, Rearick said.

Jack Appleby is director of secondary education and principal of the high school. His 245-day schedule has been increased to 260 days.

Appleby's raise at 4 percent would have brought his salary to $91,998, but adding the extra days brings it to $97,630.

Melissa Parker, assistant high school principal, is adding 15 days to her contract for a total of 225. Her raise at 4 percent would have taken her salary to $60,351; the extra days brings it to $64,661.

The salary for Bob Crider, elementary school principal, will go to $64,240. He, too, will work an extra 15 days. Without them the 4 percent increase would have brought his salary to $59,958.

Three administrators who got raises but no extra workdays are Greg Hoover, director of elementary education, to $86,836; Linda Lewis, middle school principal, to $78,200; and Mary Frey, primary school principal and director of elementary special education, to $70,372.

Ted Wingerd spends half his time as a classroom teacher and half as director of secondary special education, The raise for his administrative duties brings that part of his salary to $33,098.

Rearick said Pennsylvania uses one-year contracts for school administrators.

The superintendent has a separate five-year contract with the School Board. He's entering the fourth year, he said. The normal increment at this point would have brought him to $103,386 for the year but he, too, is getting 15 days added to his 245-day schedule. The extra days bring his salary to $110,760.

In addition to the raises, school administrators for the first time in the district will have a co-pay provision in their health insurance. The cost comes to $520 for administrators. Rearick's co-pay will cost him $1,100, he said.

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