Mail Call for 8/8

August 09, 2003

"I am calling about the Ag Expo this year. There was no advertisement at all to say that folks had to pre-register before July 1. So a lot of people couldn't enter their projects. They weren't any more organized than any other year. They raised the prices to get in the gate, why? The only people who attend are the farmers or the people who enter their exhibits. It's pitiful that under these circumstances nobody really attends because of poor advertisements. The real money maker is the people who attend the tractor pullers and just how many of them really go up to see the exhibits or participate in anything. Yes, I have been there three nights and one day so far, to support the children who show their things."

"Hagerstown's whining forced the University of Maryland to move downtown, when it's clearly not the best place for it. Now they are trying to hijack the hospital project and do the same thing. Hey, Hagers-town, you are less than 25 percent of the population of Washington County, not the majority. Get off of it already. Let the hospital move where it needs to."


"To the person who called in about the water fountain at the YMCA. I am the person who originally called about the fountain. I am out there exercising, but when I am done my hours of exercising, I don't want to have to exercise to get a drink of water, too. Plus some people have other things to do. I am on a schedule and have a job to go to afterwards."

"To the caller in Wednesday's paper who stated that pit bulls bite when they are teased. Read the paper on Wednesday about the pit bull that jumped a six-foot fence and bit a dog in the next yard. Was that little dog hitting the pit bull with a stick or kicking the fence, agitating the pit bull? I don't think so. Come on people, these pit bulls are vicious and we don't need them."

- Halfway

"Why is it that we are now teaching a foreign language like Spanish or French in the kindergarten grade at just one school in Washington County? They should have it in all of the schools and they shouldn't have to teach it until they are in the eighth, ninth, 10th, 11th or 12th grade. They have enough to learn in the lower grades."

"To the caller in Wednesday's paper who suggested putting Wal-Mart or a large shopping store in the Smithsburg area. I think that's a wonderful idea! We need something out here."

- Smithsburg

"I think it's a disgrace what the city makes anyone go through when they want to open a business in downtown Hagerstown. As long as it's a legitimate business, what difference does it make what the building is going to look like or what are you going to do to bring the business downtown? You would think the city would welcome anyone with open arms. We need to get on with downtown Hagerstown and get off this historic kick. Face it, Hagerstown is so far behind in times, wake up and realize that you should tear down the old and start over with new."

"I am reading Wednesday's paper about the pit bull attack at the neighbor's house. We were at a neighbor's house for a picnic, about 12 of us, and she had a pit bull and was going to let it out amongst us. Thank goodness some of us spoke up and said that we weren't going to come and eat unless she keeps the dog in the house. She did keep him in the house. I think it ridiculous that these people who own these pit bulls think that they are so sweet and gentle, well just wait, your turn will come."

"I have a neighbor who used to have three pit bulls. For years and years and never hurt or bit anyone. But her daughter, probably 8 years old and her neighbor friend were playing in the yard and two of the pit bulls attacked both of them, for no reason. They weren't being teased or anything, all they did was go into the house to get a drink and they decided they would tear up their arms. Get this, one of those dogs had already bitten the neighbor girl's father twice before. Anyway those girls are going to have scars on their arms for the rest of their lives. The owner of these pit bulls decided she was only going to get rid of the two that bit. She said, well this one hasn't bitten or attacked anyone. Well, what makes her think that a year from now, that pit bull isn't going to turn on her daughter again. How is she going to feel about that? She told me that if they pass this pit bull law, she wasn't going to register it or anything. Well, let me tell you, I will be the first one to turn her in."

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