Mail Call for 8/6

August 07, 2003

"Comment about the pit bulls. There has been a lot in the paper about Hagerstown banning pit bulls. I have no doubt that the numbers are correct. My question is, has anyone taken into account, how many of those pit bulls were being teased when they bit? My son has a pit bull, it has bitten twice. One little boy was hitting him over the fence with a stick, he jumped the fence and bit the boy in the leg. The boy admitted it to the cops. The boy's family still sued my son and thank goodness the judge was intelligent enough to tell the boy, 'if you don't want bit, don't tease the dog.' The second time, three kids were kicking the fence and the dog got out and he bit another kid in the leg. Animals protect their property, if you don't tease them, they won't bite."

"Seems like every year we go through this with the pro-life people. It's wrong to set up those trucks with those terrible pictures. Whether you are for it or against it. It's a horrible thing that sometimes has to happen, for the health of the woman or possibly for the health of the child. Look around there are plenty of unwanted children already on this planet. I thought God was supposed to be the final judge. Isn't that what you guys are saying? You people are so judgmental. Where is the compassion that is supposed to be involved in religion? Stop shoving this stuff down our throats. It's wrong, you should be ashamed of yourselves."


"I was wondering if anyone had the recipe for baked barbecued lima beans? I would really like to have it."

"I want to have information for a class reunion of South Hagerstown High School. It is for the Class of 1978."

"After reading Sunday's sports page. I was wondering if anyone else found it strange, there was an article about the Washington Redskins, the Pittsburgh Steelers, but nothing about the Baltimore Ravens. Does anyone else find this strange?"

"Can anyone in Washington County remember when the Washington County Hospital was called Washington County Free Hospital? Which meant that they would accept anyone whether they had insurance or not and the people in the community would contribute oodles of money to build the new portion of the hospital and upkeep of the old part. If you go back into history, you will find out that the people of Washington County built the hospital."

"About the rental properties. This is the best thing that the city has come up with, $39 fee and all properties inspected inside and out. This will clean up the city. If we get the right inspectors that aren't friends with the landlords, we will have it made. Our city will be beautiful."

"Can someone tell me how to keep honey bees away from your humming bird feeders?"

"For the person who called in and asked about getting one of those mobility scooters to get around. I saw an ad on TV, it is called The Scooter Store, call 1-800-592-4400 and they said they will work with your insurance company and if Medicare denies you, they will give you a scooter free."

"About the person complaining about the water fountains at the YMCA. Last time I checked, that was a gym, get some exercise. You must be one of those people who drive around the parking lot for hours waiting on a parking spot to spend 20 minutes in a store, walking around. Boy, what a thing to complain about."

"I would like to know what you are supposed to do when they tell you to report child abuse and when you do, there is nothing done. They tell you they will keep an eye on them. There is a little child out there that we tried to help because we love them and the child is being abused by the ones they live with. What is going to happen to this child when they really hurt that child? Where will the justice be then?"

"For the mayor: I think you need to wake up and smell the roses and remember the Golden Rule: The man with the gold makes the rule and the city of Hagerstown doesn't have any and the hospital will be moving and you can bank on that."

"To the person worrying about thistles growing in the county and city. There is a number you can call down in Annapolis, 1-410-841-5871, but I wish you luck in getting anyone to do anything about it. I live in Clear Spring and it is flooded with them. I have made several phone calls about it and they won't do anything about it, even though they are against the law to let them grow."

- Clear Spring

"I just want to say how much I look forward to Tim Rowland's column. It is always entertaining. He really makes a lot of sense."

"I have a 9-year-old who interested in playing football and I am trying to find out where he can register for that. I think it's called the Pee Wee Football League of Washington County, I am not sure. Can anyone help me?"

"Since Funkstown didn't want a Wal-Mart a few years ago, why not consider Smithsburg for a new location. The eastern part of Washington County has grocery stores and dollar stores, but we don't have any large stores since Ames closed. This part of the county has grown and there would be no problem having enough customers to use the store. The Funkstown residents might even use it. All the large discount stores like Target, K-mart, Wal-Mart are all located in the west and south end. I am not trying to speak for everyone in Smithsburg, because I am sure that someone will oppose it. Please at least consider this."

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