Blast from past

August 06, 2003

Week of Aug. 3, 1953

If you attended Sunday night's concert by the Municipal Band, you know that the program was changed toward the end of the concert.

Immediately after the news came at 9 o'clock, Director Peter Buys, made the announcement over the mike that the Korean truce had been signed. The applause was deafening. The band, prepared for the occasion, finished the concert by playing "Prayer of Thanksgiving," the "Doxology," and "Stars and Stripes Forever."

A registered cow owned by Grayson Cline, Boonsboro, fell down a 150-foot embankment late yesterday and apparently suffered only a stiff leg. But it took the owner and eight helpers to get the animal out of the gully.

A city motorcycle policeman, in a chase out Virginia Avenue last night, said he hit a speed of 80 miles an hour.


Patrolman R.B. Mentzer arrested the subject of the chase, listing his speed at 70 miles an hour.

Week of Aug. 3, 1978

The Hancock Health Care Corp. has one last hurdle to clear in its effort to build a medical center here, in an area that has only one doctor. A final decision by the Department of Health, Education and Welfare on the center's funding will be made within a month.

The new Hancock Area Health Center would provide two private physicians, a nurse and receptionist.

Jess Brown of Williamsport displayed a medallion that depicted the Old Baltimore Orioles of 1895.

"I found this picture of the Baltimore team about five years ago while tearing down an old house in Williamsport," the retired mason commented. "It was between floors and I was really surprised when I looked at the date on the thing. Wee Willie Keeler was on it and so was John McGraw, who later managed the New York Yankees."

Hancock was hardest hit during Thursday night's thunderstorm as 3.4 inches of rain was dumped on the town in 45 minutes, according to weather observer, H.E. Kirshner. Hagerstown reported 2.12 inches, Williamsport, 1.90 inches and Boonsboro, .85 inches.

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