Mail Call for 8/5

August 06, 2003

"I agree with the mayor, I think the hospital should remain at the present location and be remodeled. Hospitals in Frederick, Waynesboro and Chambersburg were remodeled and updated."

- Hagerstown

"Does anyone know of the income that you are allowed to make before you can sign up for the Maryland Pharmacy Program? If anyone does, call Mail Call."

"When is enough, too much Penny Nigh?"

"I was in Williamsport the other day and I think that the Byron Park looks very nice. It's a shame that they have to have the C & O Canal Days down in the park and ruin the park. They won't allow the carnivals down in there for the children."

"Thanks to the city for trimming the trees in front of the Frederick Street swimming pool. We can now enjoy seeing the pool again."


"I am a single woman in my 30s, where do I go to find single men who aren't looking for a Britney Spears copy cat?"

"What has happened to the Dunkin Donuts building on Dual Highway? It is now at a standstill. Tell the public what has happened to it. I sure would like to enjoy those Dunkin Donuts."

"I guess the people complaining about the tannery workers using the food bank are probably more Section 8 people afraid they aren't going to get what is coming to them."

"What is the new building on Howell Road? Is it true that they are going to put a shopping center in there. What has happened to the motorcross track, it is all grown up in weeds."

"I am calling about the articles about Penny Nigh. When is enough too much is right now. Please go on to another subject, or you will lose a lot of readers."

"I believe that the idea for two hospitals is a good one. Our area has grown large enough to support that concept."

"I am so glad that they decided to have a dress code for the schools, it is long overdue. As for the churches, I believe they should do the same thing. Then maybe people could keep their minds on God when in church."

"This is for the Mail Caller who called about replacing all people in Congress. We have too many older people in there that are only in there for themselves."

"I am appalled about the pictures of the abortion. I don't think it was right for the children to see the graphicness of an adult's mistake. I am not for abortion, but I do believe a woman should have the right to choose, only in a case of rape. When you are raped, you didn't ask to have sex, you were forced. There are some plus sides and some wrong sides. The pictures have got to go. This was hard to explain to a 5- year-old, they don't understand like an adult does."

"I was calling to make a comment about the situation with the hospital. Why can't the hospital, the new land at Robinwood, be annexed into the city, thus, keeping the hospital in the city? Then there won't be any concerns about the tax revenue. We are paying over $400 an hour for lawyers and consultants to keep the hospital in the downtown, when the hospital wants to move out and expand, as Mr. Maginnis said in his editorial, which I totally agree with. Why not let them go to Robinwood, annex it, and save the $400 an hour that they are paying these lawyers and consultants? The city and county should be able to work out annexation property agreement for that areas. Let's start saving taxpayers' money instead of spending it."

"I agree with Penny Nigh's comments on Section 8, I find it unique that she would criticize section 8. After all, she is a representative of the party that pushes this type of housing on everyone in the community. Come, on Penny, you can't have it both ways."

"I myself can't say whether I am pro-choice or pro-life, but I thought it was horrific for those images to be thrown in my face while I was driving through downtown. No one, I mean NO ONE has any right to throw those images in my face. Shame on Hagerstown for allowing this."

"We all realize that teenagers drive wildly, but you also have to realize that when you get older, your eyesight does worsen. I am not saying to take away their license, I am saying to re-test them."

"I think a lot of focus has been given a specific breed of dog. What really needs to happen is a lot of irresponsible dog owners need to be put to the test. I live next to a Dalmatian that I will not let my daughter outside and near. It has bitten other dogs in the neighborhood and other children. But I don't see anyone going after Dalmatians."

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