Mail Call

August 02, 2003

"After reading Tuesday's paper about the hospital, why don't they just let Jim Hamill build his hospital at Robinwood and sell this hospital to an independent operator and then we would have two hospitals with some competition?"

"Women do have a right to choose what happens when it comes to their own bodies. I don't have a problem with that. However, when it comes to abortion, it is not only their body that is in question, there is another life in question, the child. Woman's right of choice should be the right to choose not to get pregnant, not the right to kill."

- Keedysville

"If the city really wants the hospital to stay within the city limits, why don't they give the land where the Municipal Golf Course currently sits? I haven't seen the numbers and I am sure nobody else has, but I can't believe that piece of land is generating enough revenue. The tax benefits that would come from the hospital would create a lot of revenue for the city, more revenue than the golf course currently is."


"People should stop complaining about Garden State Tannery using the food bank. These employees have donated very generously to the food bank and many other charitable organizations. If they have a need, why shouldn't they use the food bank?"

"In response to the caller who said he was concerned about impeaching George Bush because he is legitimate. Bush wasn't even elected, he lost the popular vote by one and a half million votes. The joke among the college professors is what is the common denominator between Saddam and Bush. It is that neither one of them were elected by their people."

"To Mail Call, when is enough too much? Too much Penny Nigh in Mail Call. Please move on or you will lose a reader."

"Who is Penny Nigh and what did she say?"

"There is no requirement stating that you have to use those bonus cards at these stores. So just don't use them, you will just have to pay regular price.

"I think it's time that we clear out Congress, one way or another. Here we are in a country where the economy has gone to pot. Joblessness is high. People can't afford a lot. So what does Congress do? What do the California politicians do? They present a bill to give illegal aliens full health care and education. It's not right. Now illegal aliens have worked in this country forever, no doubt. They haven't paid their own way. Illegal aliens don't pay taxes, but yet, they get all the benefits. Here we have veterans who can't afford health care or anything. But we are passing legislation to give free everything to illegal aliens. You know why veterans get upset, there is one reason right there. I think it's time to put fresh blood into Congress. It's time to get rid of the Kennedys or anyone else that has been there forever. We need people that are going to take care of Americans before they take care of everyone else."

"I have a feeling that the ones who think we should be ticketed for going one or two mph over the speed limit don't drive. It is very hard to stay just at one speed. I am sure that there are plenty of things, like driving and talking on the phone, that are more important than going one or two mph over the speed limit. I don't believe in going over the speed limit, but it is hard not to go one or two mph over."

"Concerning the Ag Expo for entries and the deadline. I agree with the letter to the editor on July 25. I too had been looking for information in the paper concerning deadline. I had a premium in the vegetables last year and I didn't see anything in the paper last year about the deadlines. Keep this up and it will be ruined like everything else."

"Eighteen years ago, I began working in a Section 8 housing project. For the first two years, I became a divorced mother of two daughters, receiving no child support, but working full time to not make ends meet. I became a Section 8 tenant. They helped me get on my feet. It is an excellent program with many residents that I was proud to call my neighbors. Now I am an assistant manger of a Section 8 building with excellent tenants. In my opinion, Penny Nigh has her percentages wrong, 75 percent good and 25 percent bad, as you would find in any neighborhood in Hagerstown."

"Does anyone know if private clubs like the Red Men are responsible for break-ins of vehicles on their property? If you know, please call Mail Call."

"I want to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wolf for helping me out on Sunday, July 27, when I was involved in a hit-and-run accident. Your assistance will never be forgotten."

"I owned two rottweilers that were friendly and wonderful dogs and dogs grow up and develop their personality based on how they are treated. There are some breeds that have a reputation for being aggressive dogs, but they can still have some nice dogs."

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