Letters to the editor - 8/1/03

August 01, 2003

Speak your mind in other ways

To the editor:

As an employee of a downtown merchant I was extremely disappointed to see the City of Hagerstown and police department allow a group of extremist anti-abortion activists to display graphic pictures of aborted fetuses.

When downtown is in a state of revitalization and trying to gain patrons, it is absurd to allow such a demonstration in the middle of "family atmosphere" and business day. The last thing a parent driving with their children needs to see is such a horrible and insensitive picture.

Televisions and newspapers are filled with images of war and other tragedies and thanks to this, so is West Washington Street and Walnut Street.


Everyone has the right to freedom of speech, but let's have a little respect for children and adults who don't want it pushed in our faces or downtown for that matter.

LaDonna Myers


High on Nigh

To the editor:

I would like to say I agree 100 percent with what Penny M. Nigh says about the majority of Section 8 people who cause problems wherever they rent.

I live in the city. When Section 8 people move in they bring noise, hanging out on other people's private property, drinking, rowdiness, loud car radios and stereos and their kids are out of control - what can the police do?

Penny M. Nigh is a very courageous councilwoman and she stands up for the City of Hagerstown; she's a leader.

Council members Carol N. Moller and Lewis C. Metzner don't have to live near these kind of people (Section 8 etc.).

There is no sense in council members holding these people's hands with bleeding hearts.

If there is a problem with unemployment, low wages and affordable housing, let's get at the problem.

I for one think Penny Mae Nigh should be Hagerstown's next mayor.

Tommy Shepard


Religious debate

To the editor:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." has diverse interpretations by both secularists and sectarians.

How can we, as American citizens, maintain the separation of church and state while fostering religious freedom? Rob Boston, assistant director of communications for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, will speak on current church-state issues on Sunday, Aug. 10, at 1:30 p.m. at the C. Burr Artz Library Community Room, 110 E Patrick St., Frederick. Md.

Guests of all faiths and of no faith are welcomed to this free program presented by the Frederick Secular Humanists. ( Boston is a nationally recognized authority on this topic as well as author of several books. (The library neither promotes or endorses the views of FRESH or its speakers.)

Karlen Keto


God's word in shreds

To the editor:

It is very heart wrenching to see more of God's demands and commands in his word being torn to shreds by those who are now legalizing what his precious never-changing word is against.

And since 99 percent of our pulpit holders are strangely silent and indifferent to present day happenings, may I suggest that for each certificate which is handed out legalizing what God's word deplores, please stamp the following on the back of it: ICor. 6:9-11.

Nancy Martin


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