Mail Call for 7/31

August 01, 2003

"On Sunday, July 27, I was traveling south in the vicinity of Bent Willow Road and Md. 67, when a dark van with a PCV pipe strapped to the top was traveling north on Md. 67. This van threw out a handful of bolts and hit my classic red 1972 Corvette, causing considerable damage. There were two vehicles following behind this van. I am offering a reward for any information resulting in the apprehension of the person or persons responsible for this act of destruction. Please call the Maryland State Police at 301-739-2101 with any information and refer to the case number of 0364009792."

"I am a stranger to Penny Nigh. However, I would like to agree with her on Section 8. It's nice as a landlord to collect the rent on time, no excuses. But I know three different women and they all abuse the system and they have males that live with them and are unemployed, but when the men get money, who gets some? How do they have freezers full of meat, go to restaurants and live very comfortably at our taxpayers' money?"


"I am a Hagerstown resident and I think it's amazing what the county did with the park on Elgin Boulevard. The city had that park for so long and was so run down. They gave it to the county and they put a community center in and really made something of it. I also walk through Fairgrounds Park and City Park and I was hoping the city would give those to the county and maybe they could do something with those parks."

"I want to thank Councilwoman Penny Nigh for her straight forward honest answers that she gives all the time. She may be a little blunt at times, but at the same time, she is honest. I think she wants to do what is right for Hagers-town and I think she actually wants to do what is right for all the people concerned. Thank you, Ms. Nigh. I do agree with you 100 percent. You are exactly right."

"To our town council and mayor of Williamsport, please at the next council meeting, discuss and bring up about the pit bulls in our town and seriously consider that when Hagers-town passes its law, where do you think they are going to take them? To another town, Williamsport. There are already some here in Williamsport."

"I want to challenge the newspaper to check on the careers of the three new teachers in the paper on Monday, July 28. It would be interesting to see their outlooks after they have been subjected to the overwhelming expectations created by educational bureaucrats in the government."

"Shame on the city of Hagerstown for letting those people hold up those graphic posters on Monday, July 28. I came into the city for lunch and what do I see, graphic photos of babies, not something that I would want to see on a city street, especially at lunchtime. I will never be back into the city for lunch."

"Did these pro-life or prochoice people ever consider what those graphic posters would do to a woman who had a miscarriage? I had a miscarriage about two years ago and that is the exact way I saw my baby and that wasn't by choice. I walked through the downtown area and I just cried the entire way through the downtown area. Those people have no heart and no compassion for the women who had no choice in getting rid of their baby or anyone who lost a child by miscarriage. I was so upset, a lady stopped and talked to me and comforted me, she made me feel better and offered to walk home with me. I wanted to thank that lady for making me feel better. I just don't understand how these people could be so cruel and for the city to allow this kind of thing in our downtown area that they are supposed to be making look better. Well, let me tell you, this did not help at all."

"Does anyone know what they are building behind Pennys and beside Burger King at Valley Mall? I heard it was going to be Safeway. Is this true?"

"I was calling about the drive-in theater on U.S. 40. I read somewhere that they are going to have the movies on Fridays and Sundays. But I am trying to find out where to find out what is playing and when. Where can I look to find that information?"

"My son left his Omaha Gold baseball bat in the dugout at Halfway Little League. If you or your child found it, please call, 301-416-7681. He would like to have it back."

"We lost our hope, Bob Hope that is."

"Thanks, Tim, for describing Saddam's sons and their actions and attitudes. Now when we look back at Saddam himself, maybe we can understand why President Bush knew in the very beginning that he had to get him and his entire family out of the way. Look at what those two sons were doing, they learned that from their dad. Like father, like sons. So go get Saddam, Mr. Bush. Keep it up until we see his ugly face destroyed."

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