Mail Call for 7/30

July 31, 2003

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"The people of Hagerstown need to demand that Penny Nigh resign her position and apologize to all those in Section 8 housing assistance program. Her comments about these people are next to racist comments. As a landlord, I have several people using this assistance and have more of a problem with tenants who aren't on Section 8 rather than those who are on Section 8 assistance."

"I watched the city council meeting on Tuesday and I recall Ms. Nigh saying, "I don't agree with ALL Section 8" ALL being the operative word. People should not be so quick to jump the gun and criticize someone for speaking their mind honestly. Who does agree with ALL Section 8. Many of the people who spoke at the meeting don't even live in the city limits. Do your research before you start taking up issues with city ordinance proposals. Only people in the city limits will be affected. For those of you who don't live in the city, I suggest you don't pass judgment for the few responsible people who do, like Ms. Nigh."


"The library is such a beautiful building on the outside. But I am wondering if they could do anything with the handicapped spots. You have like a mini sidewalk planter there, it makes it difficult to pull into that parking spot with all the traffic. The planter just makes it difficult to park there."

"Why don't we see the park guards at City Park? If you would need any help, you wouldn't get any."

"We see in the paper where another elderly driver had a crash and injured three people. You know, I usually sympathize with the elderly. But I don't with the elderly man in Florida, who said that the gas pedal stuck. I would like to see a follow up in The Herald-Mail after they investigate it. I hope the people took the car and checked to see if it really did stick. There is one in a million chance that it could have, but I doubt it. I don't have any sympathy for this guy."

"I am calling in reference to Penny Nigh's comments about the Section 8 people being bad. I disagree with her comments. Someone very close to me is disabled and lives in her home with Section 8 assistance and she was very upset about the article. Because of people like Penny Nigh, people are wrongly labeled. Bad people live everywhere, not necessarily through Section 8. There is a trashy family that just moved two houses from me a few months ago. They aren't through Section 8. Those people have caused more trouble in the past two months than I have seen in the past four years I have lived on this street."

"I want to congratulate Lance Armstrong on his terrific victory in the Tour de France. He is courageous man, cancer survivor and a great athlete and a true competitor. He beat them and overcame the odds. I am proud of him, he is a great American and a great man."

"Today I did something very upsetting. I paid our property tax bill. We paid it in July so we could get the $10 discount. Very high property tax. I am disappointed in our county commissioners. Tax and spend, raise property taxes every year and spend, spend, spend needlessly on white elephants. We don't get much for the taxes we pay and I am very upset about it."

"Congratulations to the man in Boonsboro complaining about all the yard sale signs. I wonder when the county and city officials are going to do something about this."

"We had a yard sale on Dual Highway on the June 26 and a woman bought a bag of alphabet letters that you put together to put on the floor. There was another bag that belongs to the bag you got. Please come back and get the second bag, it won't be able to be completed without it."

"This past Monday morning, it was early, I was at the Waffle House on Sharpsburg Pike and was really taken back by one waitress could wait on six to seven tables at one time. She did a fabulous job. I even went up to her and asked her name. Her name was Katie. There were a few people there who got impatient with her, but I guess they didn't realize that she was the only one working that early in the morning. Katie, you did an outstanding job. I am so glad that you work at the Waffle House."

"This is Mike from Williamsport Nursing Home and we recently attended the Pen Mar Park and we would like to say thank you to Mr. Mills, he is the park attendant, he was very friendly and very helpful during our recent visit to his park. A pat on the back to a job well done. Thanks Mr. Mills."

"I have noticed that there are a quite a few people complaining about the tannery workers getting from the food bank and getting food stamps while they were on strike. The reason they are complaining, is called jealousy."

"I feel that it was wrong for them to have those graphic photos of abortion in downtown Hagerstown, especially for the little kids. I am not for abortions, but I am against the way that they have to publicize their view. Little kids don't have to see this kind of stuff. I think this was very wrong. Something has to be done about this."

"I am calling about the tax refund checks. My social security number ends in 05, I received my check June 28."

"I was wondering: Does anyone consider it cheating if your spouse gets on the Internet and chats with a woman and it would get X-rated, or if the wife chats to a man, would that be considered cheating?"

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