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Mail Call

July 29, 2003

Editor's note - Please be as brief as possible when calling Mail Call, The Daily Mail's reader call-in line.

Mail Call is not staffed on weekends or holidays so it is best to call Mail Call during the week. The Mail Call number is 301-791-6236.

You are welcome to leave a recorded message on any subject, but some calls will be screened out.

Here are some of the calls we have received lately:

"We need some city officials to help us control the weeds on Security Road. For two years now, there is a vacant field that has never been sprayed, mowed or cut. Now the thistle is over three feet tall with the seeds blowing in everyone's yards. You can't hang clothes. It's against your window screens and it's all in your flower beds. Someone needs to check into this."

"I wonder where someone's mind is, like the planning commission when they consider these truck stops in the Maugansville area, the Cearfoss and State Line area. These roads can't handle this. I wish they would come out here and drive on these roads once in a while. Plus, what kind of air quality would we have out here with all this going on? They want to widen 81 to another lane, they want to extend the airport and now they want to put two truck distribution centers in. Come on people, let's start fighting this. Thanks."


- Maugansville

"I was one of those who commented about the tannery workers. My concern is, and not depriving anyone of a need, but not everyone, I would imagine, is married and have all these children to take care. Then I wonder too, the ones that do, don't they have the spouse's income to help them out while they weren't working? I thought the food bank was for the working poor. I thought there were certain guidelines that they have to follow."

"Hopefully, this will put the issue of tax credit checks to rest. If you call the number, you will find out that the checks will be issued July 25, Aug. 1 and Aug. 8, to be received by Aug. 8, Aug. 15 and Aug. 22. Just call the number and get the right information."

"I keep reading articles about kids drinking too much soda and not enough milk. In my opinion, they are both bad for you. The soda has too much acid and the milk has too many calories. I myself drink water."

"I am calling about everyone complaining about the pit bulls. Let me tell you, I have had my pit bull for 10 years and she has never bitten anyone. I understand if they are biting people but if they aren't, leave them alone."

"Everyone is so worried about everyone talking on cell phones when they drive. Well, do you know that more people eat when they drive and cause accidents?"

"I keep reading in Mail Call about seniors driving. You know I have been driving along and I see so many young people passing you and driving fast. I am tired of the seniors always getting picked on. If you haven't noticed, most of the accidents that are in the paper, most of them are coming from teenagers and younger people. But everyone has to make a big deal when it is a senior."

"To the people wondering about why the people of Garden State Tannery were allowed to get from the food bank. Well, for as long as I can remember, our co-workers have always donated to the food bank. Every year that I have been there, and that is 28 years, and we have also donated money. So, yes, if our co-workers had a hard time during the strike, they had every right to go to the food bank."

"In response to the Mail Call about the person who drops trash behind the convenience store in the West End. I live on Central Avenue and I have a problem with people dropping their trash off in front of my house and into the streets and I think something needs to be done about this."

"In response to the article in the paper, "Nigh blasts the housing program" Thank you Penny Nigh for speaking against the city of Hagerstown. Section 8 is a problem in the city of Hagerstown and unfortunately the other council members don't want to see what the real problem is. Way to go Penny! We hope you run again for City Council."

"I want to congratulate Penny Nigh on a job well done. Finally, she is speaking up for the residents of the city and she realizes that there is a problem with Section 8 housing. Way to go, Penny Nigh. We would love to see you run for mayor of Hagerstown."

"If anyone is looking for a terrific product to bleach the yellow stains left on white ceilings and walls after the rain leaks in, the product is called X-14 mildew and stain remover formula and I called nine stores in this area and the only store that has it is Kmart. I used it about 10 years ago and it works within seconds. But make sure you cover with plastic anything that you don't want bleached. They also make a soap scum remover."

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