Mail Call 7/25

July 27, 2003

"At a meeting the other night in Maugansville about the proposed truck terminal coming on Mason Dixon Road, there were a lot of questions asked. Many of them related to the fact that nobody knew that this was coming and at the zoning meeting they went ahead and granted the exception to the zoning because there was little opposition that night. Only two people raised their hands stating that they had received a letter and they were the adjoining property owners."

"I hope the people in Pennsylvania are happy now that they have a new governor in Gov. Rendell. He just signed a bill into law allowing motorcyclists not to wear helmets."

"In reference to the call in Mail Call on Tuesday, July 22, from the 80-year-old driver. Would you please call Mail Call back and give the address or phone number where the written and physical tests are available for the elderly?"


"In regards to the pit bull law where the person said they were pinned in their car because of the pit bull. I had an incident like that happen and I picked up a piece of lumber. I made up my mind if it ever happened again, I would shoot the dog and I told the owner that. Well, it never happened again. So maybe you could try something like this."

"In regards to the pit bull law. This again is just another argument for the Second Amendment. If you are allowed to carry a handgun, then a pit bull wouldn't be able to attack you."

"I would like to thank the management at Alexander House, especially the landlady for fixing up our apartments and the hallways. They are beautiful. Nothing ever gets old in this place, everything always gets fixed up. She outdoes herself all the time. I am so glad that we have such a nice place to live."

"I wanted to thank everyone in the Fountainhead area who called us when they thought they saw our missing cat and who continued to keep an eye out for her. That was the cat from Preston Road. I also wanted to let you know that our cat came home on Thursday after two months of being missing. We just couldn't believe it. We were so excited. She was much thinner but doing well. So, don't give up hope on those missing pets. Hopefully, they will turn up also. Thanks again, everyone."

"Be very cautious and careful. There is a young lady who is going around soliciting herself and asking to sell points for her personality to be judged, also asking people to give her money for college. She was soliciting in the Smithsburg area late at night the other night. Please be very careful."

"One way to help yourself with the gnats and mosquitoes is to take dryer sheets and tie them on your belt and around your hat. They really help to fight them."

"Charley Reese was right on the mark Tuesday about the Clinton administration."

"In reference to the messy alley on South Mulberry Street, someone called in the other day and said to call the Code Enforcement Officer. If you get any results, let me know. I called about my neighbor and haven't heard anything yet."

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