Mail Call

July 24, 2003

"In reference to the police chief and Penny Nigh and the thing with the pit bull. If you ban the pit bulls, then wouldn't you think that the drug dealers will pick another dog of choice? Let's just get rid of the drug dealers and worry about the dogs later."

"I too am wondering about why the people from the tannery were able to go to the food bank. I thought you needed to have a certain income in order to qualify for the food bank."

"Concerning the death of U.S. soldiers in Iraq, let's put the blame where it belongs. That is with the American people because of the crybabies that won't let Bush do the job that he should have done in the first place and that is to drop a nuclear bomb on that country and kill everyone over there and then he wouldn't have had to send U.S. troops over there."


"Taxpayers, watch out. The county government is getting ready to rake you over the coals again. I recommend that the taxpayers demand to put the airport extension on a referendum. They are going to raise our taxes if we don't vote it down."

"To the person who keeps dropping junk off in the alley behind Salem Avenue near 7-Eleven. We are watching for you and we will eventually catch you. People are being charged to pick up your trash and we will catch you."

"County Commissioners and taxpayers should also read the other Tim, an excellent letter to the editor in Sunday's paper."

"Don't worry about the discovery of weapons of mass destruction, they will be found next year right before the Republican Convention or as another 'October surprise.'"

"I am a member of the YMCA and I can't understand why their only water fountain is up by the racquetball court. I don't play racquetball and I have to walk clear up there just to get a drink of water sometime. I don't understand why it's not in the lobby where most of the people walk through."

"They talk about the seniors and the way they drive. What about the teenagers? They talk on the cell phones, they speed."

"Hats off to Tim Bussard on his letter to the editor about the airport. It's too bad this isn't election year because we could get Mr. Bussard elected as County Commissioner. Better yet, why don't you fill out an application for county employment and take over the position as county administrator? Seems like you have a lot more sense than the rest of them."

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