Mail Call for 7/22

July 23, 2003

"If you are 80 years old and worried about driving, you can go up to Robinwood and for $100 they will give you a written test and a physical test on your ability and your response time. When I got to be 80, my boys wouldn't let me drive until after I took this test. I took the test and the girl there said that I had better reaction than she did. So thanks a lot."

"I give the state police all the credit in the world for trying to slow the speeders down. They are doing their job and they are doing what they should do. The one easy way to bring it all under control is make it a mandatory $500 fine for 5 mph or more over the speed limit. I guarantee you when you hit people in the wallet, that will make them come around."

"I would like to offer an observation. I am convinced that the main reason for our economy is simply because servicing companies don't take care of business. For example, I have called the telephone company on three separate occasions for a two-week period to inquire about transferring my long distance service to them. But their voice mail says that they are too busy to talk to me."


"I see that Hagerstown is going to have a new law regarding our registration on the pit bulls and bulldogs. Chief Smith, if the law is going to be another unenforced law then don't bother. The thumping music, which there is a $1,000 fine, tailgating, windshield wiper law, speeding, bikes on the sidewalk, all go unheeded. We could get our city and state out of debt if the laws on the books were enforced. The judges should work with the law enforcement instead of tossing out their cases."

"The dates that were put in for the mailing of the tax checks were wrong. If you call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040, they clearly explain that if your social security number ends in 00-33, checks will be mailed Aug. 8, numbers ending in 34-66, Aug. 15 and 67-99 will be Aug. 22. These are the accurate dates."

"To the person who called and said about the tannery being on strike and they shouldn't have gotten anything from the food bank. Evidently you don't know what you are talking about. Those people when they are out of work, have families that need food, too, just like anyone else. I personally think that in the United States we should have labor laws like in Canada, where when you are on strike, they can't hire someone else to take your job."

"Concerning the pit bulls and the registering of them. If those complaining about banning the pit bulls, it should also include the rottweilers, too, but those who are complaining should move to New York or take the dog somewhere else."

"The person complaining about spending money on the bricks instead of the schools because the schools are run down. They are run down because of the high salaries being paid."

"To the person who called in about the alley in the 200 block of South Mulberry Street. Call City of Hagerstown at 301-790-3200 and ask for the code enforcement officer. They will take care of it for you."

"In regards to the Mail Call in Friday's paper about the pit bull law. You would change your mind if you lived in our neighborhood and put up with these dogs for two long long years. We were attacked, we couldn't get out of our car, we were pinned in and couldn't get out. This pack of pit bull dogs were unsupervised, they were left to run the streets as they pleased. We were advised by the owner, that we better learn to put up with them. After a period of time, we got the SPCA to come and take them away. I would like the County Commissioners to consider this law for the county also. We need some protection from these dogs. They are not the common dog, they are bred to kill. A lot of the owners are not responsible. A lot of the owners want to keep these dogs trained so they will attack people. These dogs also will attack for no apparent reason at all. I beg you, County Commissioners, to keep considering this law."

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