letters to the editor - 7/19/03

July 19, 2003

Thanks, brother for seeking office

To the editor:

We would like to thank our brother, Dane Anthony, for running for sheriff of Franklin County. We thought you really had a good chance, but little did we know the barricades you would be up against.

If only you could be elected purely by honor, dignity and kindness, you would have won by a long shot. Just look at what you accomplished with only a limited amount of funds and a lot of door-to-door campaigning. You must have an abundance of friends.

Remember Dane, money doesn't buy happiness or friendship. We are sorry you did not get the chance to complete this challenge, but now we understand why you had to drop out.


No one is perfect, but you are definitely a good person. Your name may not be on the ballot, but come election day, you will still get our votes for sheriff. Maybe kindness, loyalty and trustworthiness won't win an election in politics, but in the game of life, you will win respect. To us, that means so much more.

You are the kind of person that would do anything for anyone without expecting anything in return. We are so proud of you and the fact that you ran a clean campaign.

Just remember, at the end of the day, you know you set a good example for your kids. Not everyone can say that.

Your sisters love you.

Tonya Group
and Debbie Border
Greencastle, Pa.

Support for Boy Scouts

To the editor:

As the executive director of the Boy Scouts of America Mason-Dixon Council, I am pleased to point out that the local United Way organization has continued its strong support of local Scout programs.

The Mason-Dixon Council serves Southern Franklin and Fulton County in Pennsylvania and Washington County in Maryland. Both Franklin County, Pennsylvania United Way and Washington County, Maryland United Way continue a long tradition of supporting Scouting.

Locally, more than 3,700 youth are served annually with quality Scouting programs. We strive to maintain our mission statement:

It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to serve others by helping to instill values in young people and, in other ways, to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime in achieving their full potential.

We sincerely hope that our committees will support local fundraising efforts for the United Way and Boy Scout programs.

Brad Bowersox
Scout Executive
Mason-Dixon Council Boy Scouts of America

Good drill

To the editor:

On behalf of the Franklin County Disaster Planning and Training Committee, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating agencies, organizations and individuals that assisted with the planning and execution of the disaster drills at Letterkenny and Mowery School on May 10.

Specifically, we would like to thank the following:

Mont Alto Fire and Ambulance (co-host), Pleasant Hall Fire and Ambulance (co-host), Letterkenny Fire Department (co-host), Red Cross (Franklin and Waynesboro chapters), Franklin County Mental Health, Amateur Radio Operators, Summit Health (both Waynesboro and Chambersburg hospitals), Waynesboro Fire and Ambulance, Greencastle Ambulance, Blue Ridge Summit Fire and Ambulance, Marion Ambulance, South Mountain Ambulance, Mercersburg Ambulance, Medic 200, Franklin Fire Company, Chambersburg Fire and Ambulance, West End Shippensburg Fire Department, Cumberland Valley Hose Fire Department, Medic 100 West Shore, Letterkenny Force Security, Franklin County Fire Police, Waynesboro Police and Pennsylvania State Police for their participation.

Fayetteville Fire Department for providing the training and victim staging area; Mowery Elementary School of Waynesboro School District for the exercise site; D&S Busing for moving the victims to the appropriate site; evaluators, John Brasko, Patti Himes, John Weidman, Frank Hess, Rick Lewis, Mark Garing, Dave Biddinger and Ted Wise for providing us with continual improvement lessons; Amy Nye and Michele Parsons from Cumberland County Office of Emergency Preparedness and Carranda Barkdoll for assisting with victim preparation; Franklin County Commissioners, Colonel Guinn and Major Hill of Letterkenny Army Depot and the Local Emergency Planning Committee for providing direction and support for this massive exercise.

And a special thank-you to all the folks that volunteered as victims. Thank you for your patience and your willingness to be in the rain. Without you, we could not do these exercises.

Don Eshleman and Jill Keller, co-chairs
Franklin County (Pa.) Disaster Planning and Training Committee

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