Mail Call for 7/18

July 19, 2003

"I wanted to say how outraged I am about the pit bull ban that Hagerstown is trying to pass. That is just like saying that we should ban all men because some of them beat their wives. Pit bulls are just like any other dog and I am opposed to this. This just goes to show the lack of intelligence of some of the people who we have running this town."

"Can someone give me a number to get an alley cleaned up? I live in the 200 block of South Mulberry Street and the alley behind the house looks like a junkyard and the weeds are terrible. So who do I call to get this taken care of?"

"This is for Kyle who used to play at West End Little League. If you still live in the area, please give your old team mother a phone call at 301-791-0179."


"I want to know what the true number is for the telemarketers."

"About the person who called Mail Call in reference to the fast food. They said that they shouldn't have to say what toppings they want on the sandwich because they already come with toppings on them in 99 percent of the restaurants. That's not true. That would be stupid. Because people have different tastes, most restaurants make them to order where the customer tells you what they want on it."

"I want to know how you can go on a strike and then get food from a food bank. The Tannery went on strike because they weren't satisfied with their wages but then the food bank has to supply them with food. Why? When you go on a strike, you aren't supposed to get anything."

"Regards to the comment in the paper the other day when someone wanted to know about the tax cut checks and when they would be mailed out. If your Social Security number ends with 00-33, it is going to be mailed out July 25. If it ends in 34-66, Aug. 1 and 67-99, Aug. 8."

"I called in about the dots missing on July 10 and on July 16 it was printed in Mail Call. I just wanted to thank you guys for printing those extra dots for me, now I have extras."

"I am calling also about the one-hour photo processing. Whenever I go, it usually almost always takes more than two hours or the machine is broken down. This just doesn't happen once a month, it happens constantly. The last time I went they shut down the machine two hours early saying nobody was working it. This is a store in the South End that says one-hour photo. This is not fair to the people who pay the extra money and then don't get it back in a timely manner."

"Hagerstown Police Chief Arthur Smith should realize that he is in Hagerstown now, not Baltimore City. I don't think any Hagerstown officer has ever been bitten by a pit bull. Any dog can be vicious if they are trained that way. I think Chief Smith and Councilwoman Penny Nigh should get real."

"It's ridiculous that these schools are so run down and yet they can spend all this money on these dumb bricks."

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