Mail Call for 7/16

July 17, 2003

"Someone wanted the number for the telemarketers' list. It is 1-888-382-1222."

"I am watching on TV where there are probably going to be more upcoming lawsuits against the fast-food industries because people are getting fat. Shouldn't people know how much they should be eating instead of going into these places and eating six super-size sandwiches, four extra-large fries and three chocolate shakes? Don't you know when to stop? Why should the food places be found guilty?"

- Sharpsburg

"When I read The Herald-Mail, I get upset about the editing if it affects religion. On the story about the soldier Burral, it said, 'I pray to god.' 'God' isn't capitalized, 'God' needs to be capitalized."

"Let me get this straight about the Board of Education, 23 jobs were eliminated to save $2.5 million. That averages out to $109,000 per job, give or take a few dollars. As a taxpayer, I want an itemized list of these jobs and what they paid."


"Can anyone tell me why you need a discount card to get the best prices on food at a grocery store? Each day, thousands of people who can't read or write go to the store for food. A lot of them don't know that these cards exist or are too embarrassed to apply for one. Since food is essential for life it should be the same price for everyone. Nobody should have to pay a $1 or more for an article of food that sells much cheaper with a card. This is the worse case of discrimination there is and, in my opinion, these cards should be banned."

"Has anyone else noticed how bad the gnats are lately? If you have and you know what the problem is, call Mail Call and let us know how to get rid of them. The population of the gnats seems to have surged."

"I totally agree with the Bob Maginnis' editorial about the Fort Ritchie fiasco. After five years, the PenMar Development Corporation has nothing to show for its efforts except lawsuits. If new leadership does not make progress in the near future, then we need a different approach. I also agree with Tim Rowland's editorial on the city/county dispute over the annexation policy. Since the county doesn't want to give the city a way to expand its tax base, then I suggest that the city charge county residents who have city water and sewer double the city rates. Yes, I can say this because I live just outside the city limits but I am grateful to have the city water/sewer services. I find it odd that the County Commissioners are always begging the state delegation for ways to add new taxes and deny the city the same option."

"Everyone should go to Pen Mar Park on Sundays. I was there on July 13, and saw the best circus act I have ever seen in my life."

"I was reading the July 10 Mail Call and I noticed that the black dot was missing - separating the Mail Call messages - between the first and second one in the fourth column over. I just wanted to let you know that."

Editor's note - "We ran out of dots that day and we ordered more, but they didn't arrive on time. Dots all, folks."

"Thanks to a good friend and Christian, Barbara Hose, for all the help and support she provided during my recovery from my broken foot. Also, thanks to her family for sharing her."

"There was a set of keys found on the corner of West Antietam and South Potomac streets. I turned them in to the police department on Monday, July 14."

"This is a birthday greeting that I would like to share with everyone: 'Blessings on your birthday - a remarkable gift for rethinking what is most precious - the gift of love, the gift of life, from God above. May your birthday bring you joy in His love. My presence shall go with thee.'"

"What is going on at Long Meadow Shopping Center? There is this huge pipe going across the parking lot and you have to drive over this part of it where they have sort of put it under macadam and it's a really big bump. I was just wondering what that pipe is for.

"So the president is out of the country - not that he is gone out of the country often - but we have to remember that the president doesn't do things or make decisions by himself. We have the Senate and the House of Representatives. These are the people who must also help the president decide whatever happens in this country and I mean both sides, Republicans and Democrats."

"I am calling about the Mail Call in Monday's paper to whoever wrote the one about a department store advertising a one-hour photo processing and it took two hours. Come on people, things do happen. They have problems with their machines and so forth. That is not their fault. That is not false advertisement to me."

"On Saturday, we lost our orange-yellow kitten either from Marsh Pike over to the airport or even at the Fly-In. She was just a little kitten. She had a little thing of white on her tail like a paintbrush. So, if you find it, call Mail Call and we will get in touch."

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