Lien of judgment filed against city councilman

July 17, 2003|by SCOTT BUTKI

The State of Maryland has filed a $3,086.41 lien of judgment against the law offices of Lewis C. Metzner, who is a Hagerstown city councilman.

Metzner said Tuesday that he expects to pay the lien off by the end of July.

Metzner said that as soon as he realized the Maryland Comptroller's Office had filed the lien against his Hagerstown law office over employer withholdings, he began paying it off.

As of Wednesday, the lien had been paid down to about $1,000, Metzner said.

A spokesman for the Comptroller's Office on Wednesday said the state does not release information about how much of a lien has been paid off.

"It is not a big deal to me since it was clearly an oversight and not an intentional way to avoid paying taxes," Metzner said. "This is an aberration."


The lien concerns $2,073 in employer withholdings, according to the notice of the lien in Washington County Circuit Court. The lien includes $368.42 in interest and a $644.99 penalty, court documents say.

The lien was filed in court on June 5.

Metzner has been a member of the Hagerstown City Council since October 1994.

"I have never, ever claimed to have strengths in the budgetary arena," Metzner said.

When dealing with financial issues as a councilman, he said, he listens to city officials who have expertise in that area.

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