Williamsport Town Council briefs

July 16, 2003|by ANDREW SCHOTZ

Youth soccer officials ask to rent storage space

WILLIAMSPORT - The Williamsport Youth Soccer League would like to rent space from the town to store goal frames and nets, league representative Richard Sullivan told the mayor and Town Council Monday.

Sullivan said vandals have thrown some of the league's 11 portable goals in the C&O Canal and cut the nets on others.

Mayor John W. Slayman said the town's parks committee will consider the league's request and look for space.

C&O group stresses importance of town

WILLIAMSPORT - Of all the places on the C&O Canal, the town of Williamsport might be the most significant, Karen Gray of the C&O Canal Association told the mayor and Town Council Monday.

"I can't overemphasize to you how important the town is," she said.

Gray narrated a video PowerPoint display of C&O snapshots showing an aqueduct, a lock, a basin, a warehouse, bridges and other features in Williamsport.


She urged town officials to think about Williamsport as a hot spot for hikers, bicyclists and other tourists attracted by a series of trails and two major interstate highways.

Large numbers of visitors could spawn side businesses, such as food stands, coffee shops and bicycle rental stores, she said.

"Our vision is that there will be a boat trip one day" along the C&O Canal, Gray said. "This is the best spot."

Mayor: Teamwork made fireworks a success

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's Independence Day fireworks display was a success, with no incidents, Mayor John W. Slayman said Monday.

After hearing suggestions from several people, though, the town next year will close off the two entrances at Byron Memorial Park once people arrive. This will lower the chance of a motor vehicle striking a pedestrian, especially a child, Slayman said.

The teamwork that went into planning the event is "what this community's all about ..." he said. "When the fruits of your labors come out like that, it can't get any better than that."

State DOE to check town for mosquitoes

WILLIAMSPORT - The Maryland Department of the Environment will examine parts of Williamsport for mosquitoes and larvae, which can lead to West Nile virus, Mayor John W. Slayman said Monday.

He noted that it's up to the National Park Service to do the same for the C&O Canal, which is federal property.

Town hears report of deputies' activities

WILLIAMSPORT - The Washington County Sheriff's Department's resident deputies responded to 204 complaints in May and 260 complaints in June, according to a report presented to the Town Council on Monday.

In May, deputies arrested eight adults and four juveniles.

They charged two people with driving while intoxicated or under the influence and gave out nine speeding tickets and 42 other citations.

Deputies were on foot patrol 16 times.

In June, deputies arrested 10 adults and one juvenile.

They charged four people with driving while intoxicated or under the influence. They issued 15 speeding citations and 29 other citations.

One deputy confiscated 13 one-ounce bags of marijuana during a traffic stop, the report says.

Deputies again were on foot patrol 16 times.

Crime watch group won't meet in August

WILLIAMSPORT - The town's crime watch group will not meet in August, Councilwoman Gloria J. Bitner said Monday.

Council will meet but won't hold workshops

WILLIAMSPORT - The Town Council will meet on Aug. 11, its regularly scheduled day, but will not have a workshop in August or September, Mayor John W. Slayman said Monday.

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