Blast from the Past

July 16, 2003

Week of July 13, 1953

  • Donald S. Ebersole, area manager of the State Employment Service, said that Hagerstown and the county have been enjoying record high employment. "We have no employment problems except that we have openings for skilled workers that we can't fill," he said.

  • Early the other morning, Dorothy Lapole, a West Franklin Street girl, awoke with a start when a bat walked across her hand as she slept.

  • This morning Beverly Nutter, 425 Salem Avenue, discovered that her 10-year-old sister Linda, also had a bat as a bed fellow last night. When Beverly started to make Linda's bed she found the bat snuggled down in the blankets.

  • The theft of four tons of broken glass from the city dump was reported to city police today.

    Clarence Bridges told police he had collected the glass and had planned to take it to Baltimore to sell. During the night a thief went to the dump, loaded the glass and hauled it away.


Week of July 13, 1978

  • Wilda Suehowicz, a 55-year-old grandmother from Hancock, won $60,000 Wednesday night on the Maryland State Lottery's "Big Money Game."

    She said she plans to replace her nine-year-old car and perhaps take a trip to California next year.

  • City Councilmen Ira Kauffman, R. Lee McCauley and Irvin K. Bloom say they will walk out of any government meetings where profane language is used or where a councilman attacks the integrity of others.

    Kauffman and McCauley are calling for a code of ethics for city officials and procedures for keeping government meetings under control.

  • The Old Reformed Church on Funkstown's main street is now the site of the new Teen Center.

    The center offers junior and senior high school students a variety of entertainment including a pool table, Ping-Pong, pinball, a juke box, television and an air hockey game.

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