Mail Call

July 12, 2003

"I just wonder if the car manufacturing companies are forgetting to put turn signals on cars? Because today, everybody in front of us didn't even put on a turn signal on when they decide to turn, or is it just the people not using their head."

"For the paramedic that assisted a lady on Father's Day at the Antrim House. Thank you so much for being so kind."

"Here it is, summer again, looking for a place to live and can't find nothing for a three bedroom for under $600."

"I live around a bunch of nosy neighbors that always go around and talk about me, but I have one that comes back and tells me what they are saying. Why don't they come back and ask me what they want to know, is it jealousy or what?"


"If they can cut 23 jobs from the schools to save $2.5 million, they must not have needed those jobs to begin with. They could probably cut 23 more."

- Boonsboro

"The federal government says that Washington County is no longer part of the Baltimore/ Washington, D.C., metropolitan area and that we have clean air. So if we have clean air, why don't they get rid of these emissions tests for Washington County?"

- Boonsboro

"I want to send a message to Dwayne: We the people of Dam 4 Road, miss you. Things are not the same."

"I would like to comment on the July 4 program at the Williamsport Community Park. It was one of the best programs that we have ever had. They had music that played through the entire fireworks display. The mayor and any other contributors did a wonderful job."

"Come on home, George. Nobody in Africa wants you anyway and it's obvious why you are over there. You are hiding out, aren't you? Because we got you this time. You haven't told the truth since you went into office. Your so called honesty and integrity is GONE!"

"For the poor bewildered soul who asked what the county gives to the city for their taxes. Take a look at the school board's FYO4 budget. It is $70 million, at least half of the 45 schools are located within the city. That is not chump change."

"I lost my prescription sunglasses last Sunday evening at City Park. The rain came and we made a mad dash toward the main entrance on Virginia Avenue. If anyone found them, call Mail Call."

"I was at the post office on Thursday. I wanted to have a package weighed to get stamps and when I asked the man to look up a Zipcode for me he told me he had too many customers. I would like to know where I can get a job where you don't have to help the customers."

"In response to the person looking for the initials J.H.B. that graduated in 1989 from North High. I graduated from that class, but I can't find my yearbook, but I know of two boys with those initials, Jason and Jim. I don't know if it could be either one of those two or not. But I will let you know of anymore I find out."

"To the manager of the Pilot Truck Stop on Md. 63, please consider making your northern most road an entrance-only and the French Lane Road an exit- only for your truckers. The traffic light at French Lane will allow the truckers to exit safely. When they exit by the northern most road, they very frequently pull out in front of other vehicles. There has been two fatalities involving truckers in this area. Please consider this solution before we have another tragedy. You can save lives by installing two simple signs."

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