Letters to the editor - 7/11/03

July 11, 2003

Stop this assault

To the editor:

The U.S. Social Security Administration is holding talks now with Mexican government officials. They want to pay Social Security benefits to illegal aliens from Mexico from our Social Security Trust Fund. This is a scandal.

The Washington Post revealed this terrible story. The high-level U.S. and Mexican officials have already held several meetings. The U.S. State Department plans to build an entirely new building in the U.S. embassy complex in Mexico City to deal with the Mexican citizens expected to apply for Social Security benefits there. This plan, as quoted from The Washington Post, "will put tens of thousands of Mexicans onto the Social Security roster and send hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to Mexico." This is a dangerous assault on our retirement security.

Just think about illegal aliens getting Social Security checks, Mexican citizens taking U.S. Social Security money, and that's what our government plans to do. They haven't worked here to pay into our Social Security fund. This endangers our retirement security. We have earned ours by working and paying into the fund.


Did the bureaucrats forget that we pay taxes too? We also vote. Now they have the nerve to want to take a billion dollars from Social Security and pay it to non-U.S. citizens. This is the most ridiculous and crazy thing I've ever heard. It's probably a vote-buying scheme. We must voice our opinion on how we feel about them using our tax dollars. We must get involved and fight their dangerous plan. Stop it before it starts.

Anna Lee Burker

Polluters writing pollution law

To the editor:

Recently the Bush Administration altered an Environmental Protection Agency report in order to downplay the risks of global warming. As the White House tries to hide information on global warming, they are also letting the coal and electric industries rewrite the laws that regulate power plant pollution, the biggest industrial source not only of global warming pollution, but also smog, soot and toxic mercury.

Power plants are responsible for 40 percent of carbon dioxide, the largest contributor to global warming. But, the so-called Clear Skies Initiative ignores this problem completely, setting no standards for emissions of global warming pollution. Worse yet, the plan would allow double the smog and soot pollution and more than three times more mercury emissions over the next decade.

We urge Sen. Barbara Mikulski to reject the president's air pollution plan. Instead, I urge Sen. Mikulski to provide leadership in solving the problem of global warming by requiring power plants to reduce their emissions.

Robert Kennelley

Exhaust is a killer, too

To the editor:

I'm sick and tired of hearing about second-hand smoke and how it causes cancer. Hum? Let me see, in an article I read two weeks ago in our own beloved paper, it states that Washington County is one of the worst in air quality in the state.

In fact, look all over the country; big cities are always having smog problems. Those people with their second-hand smoke, shame on you.

The fact is, (and you people who don't smoke know it) that cars are the reason for so many respiratory problems. You know it, the oil companies know it and car manufacturers know it, but heaven forbid they say it.

The fact is every time you turn the key you cause more carbon monoxide than 1,000 cartons of cigarettes. So if you are really concerned about cancer, take a bus, buy a horse, walk, but please don't turn the key, you're giving me cancer. (By the way, I don't drive.)

R. Guessford

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