Mail Call

July 11, 2003

"Does anyone know if President Bush signed a bill for an additional 13 weeks of unemployment after your regular unemployment runs out? Please respond."

"Ask yourself, are you better off now than you were four years ago? I have lost my job, as many of my family members have, due to cutbacks. Our property taxes are as high as one month's Social Security, they went up over $150. The slots that we didn't get, but they got the slot machines in West Virginia, so now we are cutting back on jobs in Maryland. This is things that we should be getting, because we didn't get slots. Our wages have been cut. I think we need a Democrat in office that would take care of us."

"I see in Mail Call where it has an 800 number for this tax credit and when the checks will be mailed out. That is good for anyone who makes $15,000 or under a year. Nobody else is going to get anything."


"Americans need to wake up and realize that the Bush administration had no plan for post war Iraq. Really, why do they call it postwar when the war is still going on, even though our glorious leader announced in May that the war was over? What kind of man stands on a stage and says 'bring them on' to attackers, almost inticing them to attack our soldiers in Iraq. If you are a good citizen and consider yourself a true patriot, then you will know that it's your responsibility to oppose the administration and the government when they are wrong, and they were wrong about Iraq."

"I want to suggest that a list be published of where in Hagerstown are the locations of all the drop mailboxes."

"In response to the person who had concerns about the traffic and pedestrian signs are on at the same time. That is not the case. When the pedestrian lights flash, the traffic lights are red. So when the pedestrian lights are flashing, that is when it's OK to cross."

"I found a camera on Alternate 40 near Toll Path Lane lying along the road. If you are looking for this, call 301-223-6842 with a description and I will make arrangements to return it to you."

"Why can't Hagerstown get a motorcross track for 4-wheelers and dirt bikes? I hate traveling down to Tomahawk, W.Va., just to ride my 4-wheelers. We need a place here in town to go have fun and let loose for a while."

"I am reading Monday's paper and I agree with the person who called about the homeless. They sleep on the benches in City Park, they have Nike sneakers, designer sunglasses, bottled water and smoking cigarettes. Where do they get the money for this and they are called homeless? Give me a break."

"There is a scam going on in the area. It is through the phone. They ask you for your birthdate and all your personal information, then they promise that you will get a $125 watch in the mail, it is a Geneva watch. But after I failed to provide them with my bank account information, he became irate and hung up on me. I tried to call the number back, it's a 1-877 number and the only thing they say is, 'this is customer service, we will contact you' then they hang up. So please don't give out any personal information on the phone."

"It was a beautiful and wonderful article in Friday's paper about the American flag written by Lisa Tedrick-Prejean. It was almost a must for all Americans."

"About the construction going on in the 300 block of Summit Avenue. City Light is not posting signs that we can't park on the street after a certain hour. Then they have enough nerve to send a very nice police officer to our door at 8 a.m. and ask us to move our vehicles. I just wanted to let City Light know that the next time they don't post signs, I will not move my car."

"I was very sad to hear about the conjoined twin sisters dying on Tuesday morning in Iran. I was pulling through for them."

"The newspaper and Board of Education stated that all teachers at Eastern Elementary had to reapply for their jobs. Nine teachers at this school were not rehired. However, they were hired for other schools. Question for Dr. Morgan, if a teacher isn't qualified for Eastern, why are they qualified for other schools? As of Tuesday, July 8, they have been rehired at other elementary schools."

"Just a reminder, people have been killed on Franklin Street because of speeders, but yet it seems like they are speeding 24 hours a day."

"I am a senior and on Friday, July 4, my sister and I were coming down the Old National Pike, we got down to the Huyetts Crossroad and Sheetz. There was this young man in a truck behind me, got out of his truck, came up to my vehicle and told me that I had a nail in my tire and my tire was going flat. I asked him if he thought I could make it back to town and he said he didn't think so. He backed up so I could go into Sheetz and he would come in, he took the nail out of my tire and plugged it up for me. He is my guardian angel. Thank you so much for your kindness."

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